Monday , October 26 2020

Pause the World – After We’ve Won

Through a discussion with my mother-in-law, a recent devotee of Buddhism, I am coming to understand the rationale of the hard-core peace philosophy (an odd juxtaposition of words, I know).

The bottom line for no-war-period people is that “war begets war,” and that by refusing to indulge in the urge to war, we can send out a vibration of peace, that with enough participants swelling the wave, can overcome aggressive impulses and engender an era of peace, love and happiness.

I am all for this as a long-term philosophy, and I do believe in the power of collective vibrations, really, but here is the problem: long-term solutions do nothing to counter an immediate threat. And our threat is very immediate, very real – not just 9/11, but attacks and aggression from the Islamic world against us and our way of life world dating at least back to the Iranian Mullah revolution of 1979.

These people cannot be appeased, cannot be converted to peace: their philosophy of hatred toward all who are not like them is just as firmly held as anything we believe, including the power of peace and love. Peace and love won’t protect us from this kind of actionable hate, only the physical and psychological crushing of those who hold these views.

To this point of view, gestures of “peace and love” are seen as weakness, as unfitness for world leadership, and are to be reviled and pounced upon and exploited, which is how bin Laden has explained 9/11. Saddam, though no Islamist but a Stalinist dictator, thinks the exact same way: weakness is to be exploited, lack of resolve equates to unfitness. This kind of stark Darwinian thinking cannot be appeased with “peace vibes.”

That is why such gestures as this are so irrelevant and counterproductive:

    Good News Corporation (GNC) , a not for profit, and the Global Entertainment and Music Summit (GEMS) are pleased to announce that on Monday 03/03/03 at the stroke of Midnight from the Global Entertainment and Music Summit*- we will Pause The World and Say No To War!!
    So, please join us as we take 3 to Pause/Meditate/Silence – THREE MINUTES TO PAUSE THE WORLD AND SAY NO TO WAR!
    This is immediately following the closing of GEMS, which is being held at the Le Bar Bat on 311 W 57th St, New York, NY, we will sing John Lennon’s Give Peace a Chance with a group of world celebrities and leaders.

    John Lennon – Give Peace A Chance (Reprise) lyrics
    All we are saying is give peace a chance
    all we are saying is give peace a chance

    Our immediate focus is to SAY NO TO WAR and to reinforce the belief that War Breeds More War. We strongly believe that through WORLD PEACE, UNDERSTANDING, COMMUNICATION and LOVE humankind’s future will unite. In continuation of this effort, we are planning a worldwide LIVE TV/Radio and Internet concert to be held in New York City and other cities around the world on September 21, 2003. For obvious reasons, we have chosen the same day that the United Nations will celebrate their International Peace Day.
    The theme for the concert is CALM DOWN, COOL OUT, BE NICE, SAVE A DROP AND SMILE because the UN declared 2003 the Year of Fresh Water.

    As information is created, we will share it with you. Your participation is necessary for the success of these two events. So, SAY YES TO PAUSE THE WORLD – AND SAY NO TO WAR on 03/03/03.

Just say yes to being blown up or poisoned or infected along with your friends, neighbors and family for who you are, not what you do. Just say yes to savage dictators brutalizing their own people and their neighbors. Just say yes to a reign of terror like the world has never seen until all the world succumbs to totalitarian sharia, all women are veiled, all Jews are dead, and the Western way of life a memory.

Peace, yes, after the war is won and the murderers eliminated or confined.

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