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Party Game Review: ‘How Do You See the World?’ from Authentic Agility Games

How Do You See the World? from Authentic Agility Games is a step up from the regular question-and-answer games often seen at parties. While other games pose simple questions about things like favorite movies, How Do You See the World? asks players to reflect deeply on serious topics, such as their world views and what truly makes them happy. Every game will show players something new about each other and themselves.

The mechanics of How Do You See the World? are straightforward. The moderator rolls a special die marked with the emblems of the categories: a sun for reflections, a heart for relationships, stairs for aspirations, a star for life’s purpose, and hands for one’s beliefs. A handstand roll serves as a wild, allowing the roller to pick his or her favorite question from the card. Players then have one minute to ponder before giving their answers. In the base game, players do not even keep score. There are three simple rules: “Listen closely. No judgment. Be authentic.”

How Do You See the World? offers a great depth of questions that will lead players to think deeply about themselves. Some are light, like “Name five of your favorite things” or “What do you like about where you came from?” Others get much deeper, such as “Who or what has shaped your beliefs the most?” and “What roles do you play in life?” Some questions are seemingly simple: “What is one topic you dislike discussing” or “What do you like about your name?” Upon a pause or with any follow-up questions, players will have to take their thoughts into account to delve deeper into why they answered in the way they did.

In addition to thoughtful basic play, How Do You See the World? has several other ways to play. Players can test how well they know each other with the “Guess Who” variant in which players write down their answers to be read anonymously by the roller. Players receive points for matching the answer to the person who gave it. “Second Chances” goes around a second time with the same question, giving players the option to answer in more detail or change their answer completely. Perhaps the most fun is “Picture This,” where players draw their answers to the questions silently and then other players have to guess what the picture means. These images can get especially interesting when abstract ideas come to mind.

How Do You See the World? is a thought-provoking question-and-answer game for two or more players. Players can always take it solo, of course, reviewing the questions in their own time. This could be part of a meditation, or just some self-reflection to carry through the day. These can then serve as great conversation-starters or as icebreakers for meetings or classes.

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