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Dr. Whale revealed on this week's Once Upon a Time's special Halloween episode

Once Upon a Time Preview of “The Doctor” – Just Who Is Dr. Whale?

One of the most enduring questions among fans of ABC’s hit series Once Upon a Time has been “just who is Dr. Whale (David Anders)?” Even the residents of Storybrooke don’t know, and when the queried the town doctor in the season two premiere, he essentially told them to mind their own business.

But that question is about to be answered Sunday night as Once hones in on the enigmatic (and perpetually wolfish) Dr. Whale. Many fans thought he was Red Riding Hood’s wolf (and that was put to rest when Red (Meghan Ory) turned out to be that big bad wolf (or is that a wolf of a different color?) 

With Halloween right around the corner, we all knew that Once had have a special episode, just right for the ghouls and goblins, as much a  part of mythology as the regular folk of Storybrooke. In this week’s episode, Regina (Lana Parrilla) is doubling down on her efforts to refrain from using magic (maybe she and Mr. Gold should start a Sorcerer’s Anonymous group in Storybrooke!). But she’s troubled when she starts seeing ghosts from deep in her past life. Could it be Daniel, the long-dead love of her life?

How could she be seeing him? In Storybrooke? How can he be alive, or should I say “alive?” That’s where the good Doctor enters the story. But I daren’t say another word in this space. So if you want a giant clue, get thee over to this ghoulish Monster Sneak Peek courtesy of ABC. Or, you might look up the real James Whale. But that’s all I’m saying. 

At the same time, in the Fairytale Land wastelands, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Mary Margaret continue to try a find a way home and run into…should I tell you? (Close your eyes, spoilerphobes!) It’s…Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue)! Killian Jones, himself, posing as a blacksmith. Indeed! Should they trust him? I wouldn’t, and neither should they!

It should be a great Regina episode, and, at long last, a great outing for some backstory on Dr. Whale. So tune in Sunday night for Once Upon a Time’s Halloween episode, “The Doctor” 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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