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Barack Obama proves to be a self-actualized President.

Obama’s Authenticity Shines Through Bombastic Inquisition

President Barack Obama has been called many things by many people who don’t know him and many who have never met him. He has also been accused of many things by seemingly crazy people. He has been called a socialist by some conservative politicians. He is viewed as a foreigner by people known as birthers. A large number of Americans say that they think that he is a Muslim—even a secret Muslim. Obama has been portrayed at the same time in protest crowds as Hitler and Stalin. He has been accused of wanting to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor (read “black”). His health care plan has been described as a kind of reparations to black people for slavery. One well-known man even accused the president of having a deep-seated hatred for white people, though he has since retracted that statement. A cute delusionary woman fear-hustler portrays herself as being on the presidential level in knowledge and gravitas, only to hustle speaking fees from low-information voters. Low-information white people hate Obama, they say, because he is destroying America.

Barack Obama has consented to be interviewed by conservative commentators who are largely responsible for these negative views of him that have taken hold. He does this knowing how shabbily they will treat him and his office. Bill O’Reilly of Fox News, interviewed the president on Sunday, February 7, 2011. During the interview, O’Reilly sat on the edge of his chair like an eager, over-sugar-fed child with attention deficit disorder. He pummeled the president with disrespect and interruptions. At one point O’Reilly’s behavior remind me of the “smart-ass white boys” ambassador Andrew Young described in the administration of Jimmy Carter, who shut him out from Carter. Finally O’Reilly became so obnoxious he resembled a drunken St. Patrick’s Day reveler stumbling out of a mid-Manhattan Blarney Stone Pub looking for a fight.

He asked the president how it felt to be hated by so many, a feeling O’Reilly has gotten to know very well himself. The president’s answer was sober. He said that people who hate him don’t know him. What they really hate are those distorted characterizations of him floating around out there, the same characterizations which O’Reilly helps to construct and perpetuate. Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC said that O’Reilly interrupted the president 43 times during the interview—he counted them on air. It antagonized many Americans to see the president of the United States handled in this manner by a person whose journalism methods are deceptive and meaningless.

Professor Harry G. Frankfurt, formerly of Princeton University, opens his thesis on deceptive drivel with these words: “One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so much bullshit,” and he titled the book that resulted from the thesis On Bullshit.

I have come to the conclusion that Barack Obama sees through the bullshit. He is connected to the Universal Laws of self-actualization and this is why he is able to take all of this in good stride and stay way above the bullshit. I believe that Obama knows what I know (hang in there, this is slippery), and what is known by many of the world’s scientists and spiritual thinkers. That is, that everything in the cosmos is made of molecules. Science has been able to break down the composition of molecules to atoms and atoms to subatomic particles. From there, they have deduced that at the core of these subatomic particles is energy. Everything in the cosmos is energy: that tree, George Bush (both of them), a bone, a flower, humans and our thoughts, everything is comprised of energy, everything in the cosmos is comprised of energy. We are all made from the same subatomic particles. We are all the same thing connected like an infinite haze. This connection being absolutely total, the instant energy sends out a message from somewhere, it is received throughout the cosmos, processed through the Universal Laws, and manifested back at the point of origin all in an instant. O’Reilly’s insincere questioning is instantly registered and manifested in his karma; similarly all the other bullshit from bullshit people comes right back at them instantly. You’re an unhappy miserable human being because that’s the message you send to the cosmos; you are the energy that goes into what you think of yourself. You’re a confused middle-class infidel for the same reason. Why, there are even unhappy rich obstructionists not yet reconciled with the Universal Laws. People live the miserable lives they have because they are living in a dream state and unawakened to the Universal Laws that govern everything in the cosmos. To be happy and productive, you have to be consciously in sync with the Universal Laws—what’s known as the awakened state. President Obama is clearly in an awakened state of being.

More and more people are becoming awakened either through spirituality or through the advancements of science, but the vast majority of people still think that stuff in life just happens. They are unaware of the empowerment to be gained by living a life consciously in sync with the Universal Laws and they are the source of much, if not all, of the world’s difficulties. Bill O’Reilly is one such person. Look at that interview and judge for yourself which person is in sync, appears aligned and in harmony with himself, and which lives in the chaos of randomness. O’Reilly pummeled the president with disrespect and interruptions, but Obama’s authenticity shined through it all.

Near the end of the interview, which took place on Super Bowl Sunday, Obama gracefully reminded O’Reilly that he was invited to attend the Super Bowl party at the White House, O’Reilly quickly declined saying he didn’t want to “spoil it” for the other attendees. Dear reader, get into what O’Reilly meant by that—what are the ways, he thinks, he would have spoiled the party for the others? Does he know that he is out of sync with those who are aligned and in harmony with the Universal Laws?

Now extend this principle to all the other out-of-sync people and movements you see on cable television and hear on talk radio, and you see the extent of the problem. There is an entire cable television network created to generate dissention and prevent people from working together in harmony and reaching their highest potential as human beings. We have to work to first awaken (If you change yourself, you change the world) ourselves, then to awaken enough of them in the next few years to improve the quality of life in America. President Barack Obama’s amazing display of humility during the O’Reilly interview should go a long way in awakening some sleepwalkers. His authenticity had to have gotten through to some Fox News viewers, and what these people say to their families and friends about their conversions may even influence others to awaken and in time, a great awakening will overcome Americans and who will we have to thank for this? Bill O’Reilly and his crudeness. This is exactly how the reciprocity of the Universal Laws works.

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