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Nintendo has a few wow moments, but their conference falls flat, where is Miyamoto?

Nintendo E3 Press Conference – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Oh Nintendo, why do you bother? Once again Nintendo has delivered a press conference almost completely aimed at the casual market. Cammie Dunnaway was at least reined in this year.

Following the Microsoft conference from yesterday, Nintendo’s conference fell completely flat.  Even worse, hours later there are no official sites for any other new games, Sony and Microsoft both launched E3 web presences immediately.

To add insult to injury, there was no Shigeru Miyamoto at E3, how can you have a Nintendo event without Miyamoto?! Not a good year ahead for the hardcore, but I am sure we already knew that.

The Good

click to view larger imageMetroid Other M – Team Ninja and Nintendo team up and attack the Metroid universe. Stylish action, a grittier take on the universe and a deeper look at Samus’ story. This could be THE hardcore game for the Wii this year.

Mario Galaxy 2 – For the first time Nintendo is launching a 3-D Mario sequel on the same console in the form of Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii. More Mario is always a good thing, when it is a Mario game, but no Miyamoto to introduce it?

New Super Mario Bros Wii – Advanced side-scrolling Mario action on the Wii featuring 4-player co-op action. I have to say I much prefer the side-scrolling Mario games over the 3-D, played the heck out of New Super Mario Bros. on my DS.

Golden Sun DS – loved this game on the Game Boy Advanced and very excited to see what they will bring to us via dual screen. Looks like it will be a 3-D game as opposed to the old traditional 2d style.

Square Enix games – You can’t deny that Square Enix has brought many great games to the DS and Wii so far and this year is no different. Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers both look very cool.

Cop: The Recruit – It looks like a Japanese Ace Attorney style take on GTA. Don’t know why but I liked the look of it. I have an ingrained dislike of GTA but it’s clones tend to interest me more because they have better hooks. Curious about this one.

The games we already know about: Zelda Spirit Tracks, Red Steel 2, and Mario and Luigi. All look great and will be huge sellers. Not terribly happy when a game (Red Steel 2) is peripheral specific, it needs the Wii Motion Plus, but if it is bundled right we are all good.

The Bad

Wii Fit Plus – I just cannot get excited about this series. Many studies have shown it is much like any other workout fad, a ton sells and very few are actively used. This is more of the same and bores the heck out of me.

Wii Motion Plus – After seeing Project Natal at the Microsoft press conference this add-on seems tired. You still have to hold it, you still need to buy it on top of the Wii Remote and it has lost its luster.

click to view larger imageWii Sports Resort – Games of this type have never appealed to me and it seems that while there is more variety the game is just as shallow and short lived to the core players as the first. This is further pandering to the casual crowd, I know it is lucrative but more imagination would be appreciated.

Woman’s Murder Club Games of Passion – Wow, this had press time with the likes of Mario and Metroid? I know they are trying to appeal cross market, but seems wasted at E3.

Style Savvy – Another cross market game, play dress up, run a fashion boutique, model your clothes on avatars. Yet again this seems wasted on an E3 press conference, no offense meant.

The Ugly

click to view larger imageWii Vitality Sensor – Given more stage time then Mario or Metroid, Nintendo’s big reveal is a pulse meter? That plugs into your Wii Remote? They are using it to develop a product that delivers relaxation? Wii Yoga maybe? Horrible, horrible reveal.

Wii Sports Resort demo – I always find these so awkward and seeing Reggie Fils-Aime and Bill Trinen waving and waggling their arms on stage in front of a huge screen is embarrassing.

Mario Vs Donkey Kong Minis March Again – Game looks great but DSi only? Come one Nintendo, pulling this crap is not cool. Release them all for both platforms and offer DSi only features. Denying 95% of your install base a game is not going to make people happy.

click to view larger imageNo Miyamoto – How can you have any major Nintendo press conference without Miyamoto? You can’t, as a result this press conference was one of Nintendo’s worst…. ever.

Facebook on DSi – Facebook has become an annoyance to the level of mySpace and while many, many people will love this, I will never, ever use it.

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