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Players lead their junior soccer league team with Olympic gold medalist Mia Hamm as coach.

Nintendo DS Review: Imagine Soccer Captain

Olympic gold medalist Mia Hamm coaches a young junior soccer girls league in Imagine Soccer Captain. Your team is lead by a customizable player captain with adjustable eye color, body build, hair color and height. After completing the initial sign up sheet and team tryouts, which can be played out or skipped, players can continue the story, participate in fun matches, train or play the multiplayer mode (each players needs the game). The training mode includes a superfluous shootout option, which serves up a duplicate of the fun match and story game.

Player management tools include three save files as well as three main mode menu tabs. Players can track personnel and traits in the My Players, Team and Roster folder tabs, while checking on current schedule, standings and trophies in the third folder tab.

Being a leader of four other teammates does not come without some baggage though. Teammate Lola has some confidence issues while Sasha has a bad attitude, though she and competing team members eventually experience consequences, which change their sometimes intimidating behavior and promote the three main themes: sportsmanship, teamwork and fundamentals.

Developers present realistic, role play-like situations players would actually encounter. Players can also learn new skills, which can also apply in actual soccer matches. Characters emit blue minus signs for negatives or yellow stars for positives. Need to improve the team mood? Try the training mode practice or, better yet, win some games. As player skill levels increase so do the fans, which helps the team overall. Player achievements can eventually carry the team to the professional league level.

Players can also achieve sponsor support, which unlocks additional clothing options like shoes, logos, accessories, shirts and shorts. Several off-field events, within a five-season maximum story mode, also factor into the gameplay. As the team gels, these events include television shows and other important team activities.

The touch functions include selecting square sequences on the stylus to prevent goals and flicking the stylus in the target direction to score a goal. Lead movement and actions work smoothly through the stylus. Players can also use the buttons if needed, which also accommodate left-handed players.

Players can choose game length, stadium, difficulty and statistic equalization in each game, but the overall challenge level is relatively low. Experienced players should have no problems dribbling through opponents. The appealing role-playing, management, and simulation elements in the simplified five-player format keep this sports game from a red card.

Imagine Soccer Captain is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB for Mild Language.

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