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Start the fireworks! If you’re looking for an great, affordable Nintendo DS game this winter, this one is it!

Nintendo DS Review: Big Bang Mini

This affordable action shooter has a familiar Nintendo DS game setup. Target visuals on the top screen, control your movement (in various shapes) and actions on the bottom, then blend. Sounds like fun, and thankfully it is fun as developers Arkedo and SouthPeak execute this formula well. The great format and incredible use of the Nintendo DS functions will blow your mind throughout approximately 90 levels of firework-filled fun.

PhotobucketOnce you destroy baddies on the top with quick upward strokes with the stylus and other advanced movements, they turn into falling stars that you catch on the bottom for scores and/or to advance. Be careful though; the challenging catch is that debris created from your shots also fall, so you have to find a balance of shooting and moving, which also changes throughout the dynamic challenges. It can be frustrating to die while trying to switch between shooting and moving, but you must — you know what's coming — practice. This game has flexible buffer zones, but just use caution when your life is low.

A single break of concentration can spell doom, but also produces great excitement. You can easily get tense excitement when making circles in a specific area to attract enemy fire. Coordination is key. Once you find the right technique for the basics, progress to expanded controls and power ups like pressing the L or R button (great for lefties or righties) while flicking the touch screen up for guided missiles (weaker than your normal shots) that destroy the main targets.

Permanent power-ups help while others are only used in certain levels — just be sure to check their availability by viewing the battery charger status icon on the bottom left. Other specialties (see tutorial text at the beginning of each stage) include time stoppers (backward strokes), shields (horizontal) and a fireball (hold still…very challenging in explosive environments).

Slow moving goop, clouds and other obstacles assist the bosses and their minions in slowing your progress. Still, you have unlimited ammunition, so you always have a good chance to get out of seemingly impossible situations. Pay attention to the mechanic explanations. In the arctic Aurora level, you can “curve the bullet” to get past blocking objects to reach your target because the wind curves the trajectory of your shots.

The arcade mode levels (listed in order) include appealing animated settings in Hong Kong, Aurora, Kamakura, Luxor, Savannah, New York, Rio De Janeiro, Paris and, finally, the Abyss. Each level has 10 stages with a boss stage at the end. Each stage features a special bonus zone, which, if you complete them all successfully, unlocks the relax mode. Beat the Luxor boss to unlock the challenge mode which keeps scores.

Time limits don’t come into the forefront until you unlock the mission mode by conquering the arcade mode. In mission mode, you’ll find you must defeat certain level bosses in less than 30 seconds plus other various quests involving accuracy, skill and some very challenging limits. Developers keep the rewards coming with even other unlockable once you beat the incredible mission mode.

Now you may not typically like others looking over your shoulder, but the visuals are even more amazing when watching both screens from a medium distant. The synchronized gameplay is an amazing sight to behold while other elements combine to maximize the Nintendo DS to a mighty full capacity. The entertaining itch to fire quickly and often will be scratched constantly. The colorful, neon-like visuals and popping sound effects enhance this pleasure.

Luckily, you can get others to participate in the versus mode. Two players can go head to head with one game card in DS download play, turning the console vertically in battle through more limited settings. You can also post your high scores on leaderboards.

This game has great all around strengths in every area, even a hilariously written manual, which provides helpful summaries of the 10 arcade mode levels. Language options include English, Espanol, Francais, Italiano and Deutsch. You can also unlock a custom alarm clock that allows you to set a wake up time to the music tracks in the game. Worth a try, even if you haven’t previously used your Nintendo DS as an alarm clock.

Big Bang Mini also has a special 3D depth box art printing (a.k.a. lenticular), which you’ve probably experienced from cereal box or Cracker Jack toys. This additional publishing wonder adds special appeal to this high value game priced at… (drum roll) $19.99! An outstanding addition to your Nintendo DS library, especially for puzzle/action fans.

Big Bang Mini is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB for mild fantasy violence.

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