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The next Nick Moss record is just around the corner but that's small comfort for eager fans...

Nick Moss To Release ‘Here I Am’ In October, First Single “It’ll Turn Around”

Tom Petty said “the waiting is the hardest part” and for music obsessives like me, nothing could be truer than when you’re waiting for new albums from your favorite artists.

I’ve listened to the first single from Nick Moss’ upcoming release Here I Am a dozen times now and this is going to be a beautifully agonizing wait for October.

“It’ll Turn Around” is set to be the first single for the first record and shows off the new lineup in Moss’ band, The Flip Tops. Keyboardist Travis Reed came on board for his last album, the breakthrough set Privileged and his smooth, swanky keys are the backbone to this new track. 

Guitarist/vocalist Michael Ledbetter is a new addition to the band although he and Moss have known each other for some time now. Ledbetter makes an immediate impact, adding his soulful voice to Moss’ for some harmonies as well as getting some time out front near the end of the track.

The scary part is that this may not even be the final version of the song. Moss is feverishly working on putting finishing touches on the songs to mix and master for the fall but he still has a few ideas he’s planning on trying out. If the rest of the album can live up to what might be an unfinished track, we’re in for good time. Moss is feeling quietly confident.

“Wait until you hear the rest,” he told me. 

And I will, but only because I have to.

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