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Hear the album (and band) before you can buy it on April 4, 2009 in Chicago

Nick Moss & The Flip Tops, Lurrie Bell Celebrate Live At Chans: Combo Plate No. 2

We've all heard Thomas Edison's famous quote that success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration. It's wonderful to come up with that great idea, but you have to read the small print. You have to do something with it.

Nick Moss & The Flip Tops are throwing a big a CD release party and they're doing it with some style. Some artists get a little embarrassed when it comes time to sell the soap. Sales figures and promotion don't make a record good, but if a song gets played in a forest and there's no one there to hear it, did it make a sound? If you're going to release a new album, you might as well promote it.

Is there a better way to promote a live album than with a live show?  Not if you're Nick Moss and The Flip Tops. That's why they'll take the stage at Buddy Guy's Legends on April 4, 2009, in Chicago, Ill. You can hear the band play and take home an early souvenir: Live at Chan's: Combo Platter No. 2. The album doesn't officially go on sale until April 21, but you can have yours before everyone else and get a great show.

So you come up with that great idea and it's a big success. Then what? Do you go back to the drawing board to dream it all up again? Sometimes, but fortunately someone's great idea was recycling. Remember, kids, it's not always about getting there first.

In 2006, Moss recorded a live album at Chan's in Woonsocket, RI. and it was nominated for a Blues Music Award in the prestigious Album of the Year category. Why not go back to that well one more time?

Moss and The Flip Tops are a powerful enough live unit that they didn't have to do anything more than just show up and plug in, but that's now what they've done with Live at Chan's: Combo Platter No 2. Chicago blues royalty Lurrie Bell sat in with the band, and thank God someone was there once again to hit the "record" button.

So let's bring it all back home. Nick Moss & The Flip Tops are releasing Live at Chan's: Combo Platter No. 2, a follow-up to their great first live album Live at Chan's.  Combo Platter No. 2 features special guest Lurrie Bell. The album officially hits stores April 21. If you want your copy early, go check out Moss, The Flip Tops, and Bell at their CD release party at Buddy Guy's Legends on April 4.

Here's a complete tracklisting for Live at Chan's: Combo Platter No. 2:


  1. Spare Ribs & Chopsticks (Instrumental)

  2. Try To Treat You Right (Nick Moss, vocal)

  3. Whiskey Makes Me Mean (Gerry Hundt)

  4. I Got All Kinds of Love (Nick Moss, vocal)

  5. Lonesome In My Bedroom (Nick Moss, vocal)

  6. Fill 'Er Up (Instrumental)

  7. Don't Lie To Me (Lurrie Bell, vocal)

  8. Five Long Years (Lurrie Bell, vocal)

  9. I'm Ready (Lurrie Bell, vocal)

  10. I Wanna Know (Nick Moss, vocal)

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