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Useful new features mark these upgrades to Adobe's consumer-level versions of Photoshop and Premiere.

New Software Spotlight: Adobe Elements 14 with Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements

Adobe Elements 14 is the latest Elements product bundle. Included are Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 and Adobe Premiere Elements 14. Each is a scaled-down versions of its professional-level counterpart, with elements of the full products so that photo and/or video enthusiasts aren’t burdened with a lot of additional functionality that they may never need. The purchase price for the Elements 14 bundle is $149.99.

Adobe Elements 14
Adobe Elements 14

Adobe Photoshop Elements 14

Photoshop is considered by many to be the best image editor on the planet, but it may be too big and bulky to for the average home user to manage, say, home photo projects. Photoshop has a big learning curve and can take months, even years to become accomplished at; also, a high-end product comes with a high-end price.

You can check out what you need to run Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 from Adobe’s tech specs page.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 14
Adobe Photoshop Elements 14

So what is new with Adobe Photoshop Elements 14?

Camera shake is now easily fixed with a single click to remove almost any kind of shaking from unsteady hands or environmental movement.

Haze removal can make your backgrounds much more clear.

New Guided Edits – new abilities to quickly edit a photo, such as adding a sense of motion to action photos and easily resizing a photo.

Better selections mean that you can much more easily select things like pet hair and other fine details to make compositions much more realistic with much less work.

Improved searches will let you find your images much more quickly. You can search based on people, where you were, or what you were doing.

Live dynamic support is built right into the software so that you can get tips, tricks, tutorials, and more. You can locate contests as well as other news from the world of photography and video.

Adobe Premiere Elements 14
Adobe Premiere Elements 14

Adobe Premiere Elements 14

Adobe Premiere Elements 14 is the latest release of the consumer video editing program from Adobe. A scaled-down version of the professional-level package Premiere Pro, it doesn’t have the learning curve but still provides a lot of power for the creation of personal videos.

To see out what you need to run Adobe Premiere Elements 14 check out Adobe’s requirements page.

So what is new with Adobe Premiere Elements 14?

4K movie editing is now a reality. No longer are you limited to HD; you can edit and view 4K movies for a much richer experience.

Motion titles give you a new way to add to your story, with titles that zoom, spin, or bounce across the screen.

Improved searches will let you find your images much more quickly. You can search based on people, where you were, or what you were doing.

New Guided Edits allow you to pop one or more of the colors within a scene while transforming the video into black and white. Add slow motion effects for more drama or speed it up to add more excitement.

Audio improvements have been added to enhance the sound in your video and make it easier to get the sound you are looking for.

Adobe Photoshop Elements continues to be a great platform for consumer photo editing. Enhancements in selection capabilities, especially some of the more tricky ones that involve hair and other fine detail, along with more intuitive compositing workflows and more tools to let the basic user create more advanced images, make this version a nice upgrade to.

Adobe Premiere Elements also has a couple of nice new features, including 4K movie editing that will bring video editing to a new level. The better audio tools as well as the additional Guided Edits make this a better product. The Adobe Elements 14 bundle is a useful upgrade, and if you are new to the photo and video editing scene, it’s a very good entry point.

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