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Adobe Photoshop Fix lets you edit your photos on your mobile device.

New Software Spotlight: Adobe Creative Cloud for Mobile – October 2015

Adobe Creative Cloud is more than just desktop applications. It also includes integration with mobile applications, allowing you to take some of your creative work with you when you’re on the go. Currently these mobile apps are available to integrate with your Creative Cloud license: Adobe Color CC, Brush CC, Shape CC, Voice, Premiere Clip, Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Sketch, and Photoshop Mix. If you want to see more online about these mobile apps or check out the various Creative Cloud membership plans see Adobe Creative Cloud Mobile Apps.

Adobe just released two items in its mobile application arsenal. First, a new product called Adobe Photoshop Fix allows you to do Photoshop-style retouching on your mobile device. Second, version 2.0 of Adobe Premiere Clip is an update to the application that lets you create videos on your iPhone or iPad for quick and easy sharing or enhancing.

Adobe Photoshop Fix
Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe Photoshop Fix is the latest product added to Adobe’s mobile application line. While I do most of my retouching work on my desktop system, Adobe Photoshop Fix will certainly have a place on my iPad and iPhone for when I am taking shots on the fly and need to do a quick “fix” while out of the office.

Photoshop Fix doesn’t try to do everything, but just enough to be useful without being too complex. It’s great for retouching actions such as removing an unwanted item from the background, like a sign, or a person passing behind your subject. There are some editing capabilities too, like the Healing Brush for cleaning up dust spots and other blemishes from an image.

The Liquefy tool will let you change the shape of some objects within your frame of view. A color mask will show what you have selected so you can better see what is being manipulated. You can adjust color and change the focus of an image. If you make a mistake you can undo your changes, and when you save, your work will be saved in layers for later adjustments in the full Photoshop product or in other Adobe products.

Adobe Photoshop Fix
Adobe Photoshop Fix

Tools are included for adjusting exposure, saturation, etc., and for cropping, vignette, light, smoothing, color, healing, paint, and liquefy. At the time of this writing, Adobe Photoshop Fix is only available on iOS devices, but an Android version will soon be available. As with all of the Adobe mobile apps, Fix is free.

Adobe Premiere Clip 2.0
Adobe Premiere Clip 2.0

Adobe Premiere Clip 2.0 has new enhancements that give you more options when making movies on the go. Premiere Clip lets you create videos right where your media is – on your mobile device. This means that you can take that video of your day at the lake and turn it into a movie right there on the spot and share it with friends via messaging, email, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., or upload it to Creative Cloud and work with it in Premiere Pro CC from your desktop.

You just load a clip or series of clips into Premiere Clip from your camera roll or your Creative Cloud account. Then you can rearrange clips, change the starting and ending points, adjust image qualities, add slow-motion, adjust the volume, add color gradients, add titles, and add sound tracks.

Premiere Clip 2.0 also offers automatic video creation. You just select the photos and videos and Premiere Clip will create the video and sync it to music that you choose. You can then adjust the pace or rearrange the media, but with the automation you can have something done in minutes.

The new sync-to-music ability will save you time by letting you cut your video to your music like a professional. You can trim your clips to markers in the soundtrack that are placed right on the beats. If you send it to Premiere Pro, you will be able to edit the music because the markers will be displayed on your audio track for easy access.

Your Lightroom collections can be used to create your own video stories via mobile integration. It only takes one tap to send them from Lightroom on mobile to Premiere Clip and create your new video synced to music.

Adobe Premiere Clip 2.0
Adobe Premiere Clip 2.0

Finally, improved editing and an updated interface let you better streamline your work. A Media Picker lets you streamline your selections, a grid view makes it easier to browse and select your assets, and with two-finger drag you can make quick slide edits. You can also choose the soundtrack position and add zoom to your static images.

I really like Adobe Photoshop Fix. It makes for a nice complement to the other Adobe apps, especially Adobe Photoshop Mix. It is easy to use, provides a lot of useful functionality, and is very targeted in its capabilities. While I do most of my work on my desktop/laptop with the full-blown package, I have found that I will use Fix for those times when I am out in the field and want to post something quickly before I get back home or to the office.

Premiere Clip 2.0 is also a great upgrade in that it really streamlines your workflow so you can put something together quickly and easily. The new features make that even truer. I especially like the way the sync-to-music feature works, and the new interface. The best part about this is that the apps are free. And if you use Photoshop and Premiere Pro, they will integrate tightly, and so I highly recommend both apps.

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