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All signs point to yes.

New Radiohead Coming As Soon As This Monday?

Hot on the heels of last week's digital release of a new single (the eerie sounding "Harry Patch (In Memory Of)"), comes word that an official new Radiohead release could come as early as next week.

When yet another new Radiohead track, "These Are My Twisted Words," surfaced first on message boards at the band's At Ease fansite, and later on You Tube, the Radiohead rumor mill more or less went into overdrive.

Is an official release of new music from the same band notorious for the digital-only model of 2007's In Rainbows album imminent?

All signs point to yes.

However, this apparently will not be a new album, but rather a four song E.P. called Wall Of Ice. The source file of the track "These Are My Twisted Words" — which unlike the previously leaked "Harry Patch" has the unmistakable sound of the full band — contained a cryptic message referring to something called Wall Of Ice and the date 8/17/09.

Upon further investigation, Blogcritics has learned that a website, (with the rather obvious URL heading of has been set up, and that it links directly to Radiohead's online store.

Smart money is again however, that this will not be a new full length Radiohead album, but rather an E.P., most likely containing four songs.

In a recent interview with The Australian, Radiohead's primary instrumentalist Jonny Greenwood is quoted as saying, “Traditionally we’d be looking for 10 or 11 songs and putting them together, but that doesn’t feel as natural as it used to, so I don’t know what we’ll do. Maybe we’ll find four songs that work together and we’ll call that a release. I don’t know. No one knows how to release music any more, including us. How to put it together, in what format, how long. We’re in the dark as much as anyone I think.”

From a fan's standpoint, we like what we hear so far. "These Are My Twisted Words" brings to mind something like a cross between the haunting soundscapes of In Rainbows, and the more ethereal feel of tracks like "Knives Out" from Amnesiac.

If you are a Radiohead fan like us, we highly recommend pointing your browser towards the Wall Of Ice website this Monday.

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