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New CDs for the week of December 7, 2010...

New Album Releases: Feist, Duffy, Natasha Bedingfield, Tron Legacy

I thought last week’s pickings were slim.  At least there were some titles for all of you even if they didn’t really do much for me.  We’re all kind of hosed this week.

So, what shall we highlight?  If you’re my age, you remember how groundbreaking and cool the movie Tron looked.  This week we have the soundtrack to the reboot of that franchise. 

Welsh singer Duffy follows up her 2008 smash record with Endlessly.  She was selling big when Amy Winehouse and a tribe of other female retro R&B singers hit the scene at the same time.  Winehouse has self-destructed in a haze of addictions.  Duffy will be among the first to see if listeners are still wowed by the updated classic sounds.

Canadian singer Feist is one of a handful of artists whose fortunes skyrocketed through commercial tie-ins.  She had a song used in one of Apple’s iPod commercials and the constant exposure turned in to downloads at the iTunes Music Store.  Her latest is called the Reminder.

If you see something I’m missing, chat it up in the comments.  Here are this week’s New Album Releases:

ABBA – Gold – Greatest Hits
Addison, Tony – He Is Love
Aeroplane – We Can T Fly
Alien Jesus – Open Your Eyes
Allerton & Alton – Black, White And Bluegrass
Angelzoom – Angelzoom (Remastered)
Anika – Anika
Bar At Buena Vista – The Bar At Buena Vista
Bassey, Shirley – I Capricorn/And I Love You So
Bedingfield, Natasha – Strip Me
Belafonte, Harry – Deep As The River
Boogie Town – 1/1/00
Carthy, Martin – Untroubled – Live In Belfast 1978
Celtic Crossroads – World Fusion
Chingo Bling – El Chavo Del Ache
Christian Kane – House Rules, The
Clouds – Up Above Our Heads (Clouds 66 – 71)
Clowes, Trish – Tangent
Complainer – The Amor
Dan Lo Fi – Rebel Creator
De Infernali – Symphonia De Infernali
Deadmau5 – 4×4=12
Dew Scented – Immortelle (Re-Release)
Dew Scented – Ill-Natured/Innoscent
Dew Scented – Inwards
Dew Scented – Impact
Dew Scented – Issue Vi
Dew Scented – Incinerate
Dfx2 – Emotion: The Dfx2 Anthology
Disbelief – 66 Sick (Remastered)
Disbelief – Infected (Remastered)
Distorted Wonderland – Distorted Wonderland
DJ Clay – Book Of The Wicked Volume 2
Domino, Fats – Blueberry Hill: Live In Concert
Douglas, Dave & Keystone – Spark Of Being: 3 Disc Box Set
Duffy – Endlessly
Duskfall – Frailty & Source
Einsturzende Neubauten – Strategies Against
Eluvium – The Motion Makes Me Last
Engineers – In Praise Of More
Enthroned – Pentagrammaton
Estrellas De San Antonio – Dela Danza A La Timba
Fairport Convention – Dirty Linen ? Live At The Marlowe Theatre
Farmer Boys – The Other Side
Feist – Look At What The Light Did Now / [Dvd/Cd Combo]
Flower Power: Music Of The Love Generation – Flower Power: Music Of The Love Generation (3cd)
Flyleaf – Remember To Live
Fortune, James & Fiya – I Believe:Live
Fowler, Kevin – Best Of…So Far
Fredrik Thordendal’s Special D – Sol Niger Within
Freebass – It’s A Beautiful Life
Fugs, The – Tenderness Junction C/W It Crawled Into My Hand Honest
Giovanni Hidalgo / Dizzy Gille – Giovanni Hidalgo / Dizzy Gille- Villa Hidalgo
Grave – Burial Ground
Gravenites, Nick – My Labors & More
Hagar, Sammy – Loud And Clear
Hedley – The Show Must Go
Hinder – All American Nightmare
Hipower Entertainment Presents – Chicano Rap Bangers 4
Hollow – Architect Of The Mind / Modern Cathedral
Hooker, John Lee – Boom Boom
Hopkins, Lightnin’ – Cadillac Blues
I The Breather – These Are My Sins
Immolate – Ruminate
Ink Spots – Java Jive
Irakere – Misa Negra
Iron Maiden – The Interview Sessions
Janes, Liz – Say Goodbye
Jimenez, Generoso – Generoso Que Buena Toca Usted
Johnson, Eric – Up Close
Kavina – U Got Sum Nerve
Kerosene 454 – Race
Kitten – Sunday School
Klugh, Earl – Earl Klugh/Living Inside Your Love/Magic In Your Eyes
Krupa, Gene – Drummin’ Man
KSU – Xxx-Lecie Akustycznie
KSU – 1/21/00
KSU – Moje Bieszczady
KSU – Bez Pradu
KSU – Ludzie Bez Twarzy
KSU – Nasze Slowa
Kulka, Gaba – Hat, Rabbit
Lachowicz – Pigs, Joys And Organs
Lady Salsa – The Originals
Lee & The Ping Pong Orchestra, – Hooked Up Classics
Leiva, Pio – Soneros De Verdad
Leiva, Pio – La Salud De Pio Leiva
Lifelover – Konkurs (Reg. Ed.)
Lifelover – Konkurs (Special Ed.)
Lil C – H-Town Chronic 4.5
Lil Keke – 713 : Volume 4
Liquido – Float (Remastered)
Malevolent Creation – Death From Down Under
Man Ray – Tokyo Joe
Mangelsdorff Dauner Quintett – Hut Ab/Two Is Company
Marcos Yaroide – Del Cielo A La Tierra
Martin, Dean – Solitaire
Massey, Chris – Vibrainium
Massiv In Mensch – Niemand Weiss, Was Die Zukunft Bringt
Meisner, Randy – One More Song C/W Randy Meisner
Ministry – And The Co-Conspirators: Undercover
Misfits – X-Posed
Mitra, Sara – April Song
Morales, Tiburon – La Voz Delson
Morse, Ella Mae – Rocks
Motels, The – Motels / Careful
New Mastersounds, The – Masterology
Next Generation – Havana The Next Generation
No Joy – Ghost Blonde
Nocte Obducta – Galgendammerung (Remastered)
Northern Light Orchestra – Celebrate Christmas
Nova Mob – The Last Days Of Pompeii Special Edition
Ofarim, Esther – Esther
Parker, Graham – Box Of Bootlegs
Pedroso, Cesar ‘Pupy’ Y Los Qu – Pedroso, Cesar ‘Pupy’ Y Los Qu- De La Timba A Pogolotti
Plain White T’s – Wonders Of The Younger
Polyester – Peace Love Unity Respct
Psykovsky – Tanetsveta
Pump – Sonic Extasy
Pump – Breakdown To Breakthrough
Pump – Against Everyone’s Advice
Redman – Redman Presents…Reggie
Redman – Redman Presents…Reggie / [Edited]
Rich, Buddy – Speak No Evil / Plays And Plays And Plays
Riley, Billy – The Outtakes
Rodigan, David – Fabriclive 54: David Rodigan
Romancing The ’70s – Romancing The ’70s (3cd)
Rooyen, Aak Van – Homeward/Pictures From My Album Of Friends
Rudy Ray Moore – Dolemite Sings
Sagmeister, Michael/Dave Samue – Sagmeister, Michael/Dave Samue- Dualism
Sbb – Blue Trance
Sbb – Blue Trance (Limited Edition)
Sceptic – Internal Complexity
Schulze, Klaus – La Vie Electronique 5
Schulze, Klaus – La Vie Electronique 6
Schunke, Sebastian – Vida Pura
Setherial – Ekpyrosis
Shavez – La Banda Fantastica
Sinatra, Frank – Night And Day
Smith, Cal – My Kind Of Country / I Just Came Home To Count The Memories
Snowgoons – Kraftwerk
Soneros De Verdad – El Run Runde Los Soneros
Soneros De Verdad – Pio Leiva,Rubalcaba, Luis Frank
Sopor Aeternus – Like A Corpse Standing In..1
Sopor Aeternus – Like A Corpse Standing In..2
Sopor Aeternus – Like A Corpse Standing In..3
Sorrow – The Sorrow
Soundtrack – 20th Century Fox: 75 Years Of Great Film Music
Soundtrack – Get Low (Jan A.P. Kaczmarek)
Soundtrack – Tron Legacy
Srubki – Srubki
Stevens, Sufjan – All Delighted People
Stewart, Rod – The Day Will Come
Stormwitch – Witchcraft (Remastered)
Such A Surge – Alpha (Remastered)
Suns Of Arqa – Know Thyself
T.I. – No Mercy
Tank – War Machine
Tank – War Machine (Limited)
Tapping The Vein – The Damage
The Motown Collection – The Motown Collection (3cd)
The Ultimate Oldies But Goodies Collection – The Ultimate Oldies But Goodies Collection (3cd)
Torres, Juan Pablo – Identidad
Triggersoul – Restoration
Trower, Robin – The Playful Heart
United Jazz + Rock Ensemble – Round Seven/Team Work
United Jazz + Rock Ensemble – Die Neunte Von United/X
Valente, Caterina – Personalita
Various – Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Hillbilly Music – Country And Western Hit Parade 1956
Various – Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Hillbilly Music – Country And Western Hit Parade 1957
Various – Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Hillbilly Music – Country And Western Hit Parade 1958
Various – Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Hillbilly Music – Country And Western Hit Parade 1959
Various – Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Hillbilly Music – Country And Western Hit Parade 1960
Various – Born With The Blues: 10 Legendary Artists
Various – Spanish Christmas, A
Various – Kumharas Vol. 7
Various – Temple Of Chaos
Various – Technoboy Essential
Various – Masters Of Hardstyle Vol. 4
Various – Best Of Gay Dance Vol. 1
Various – Let’s Hear It For The 70s Vol. 4
Various – Let’s Hear It For The 80s Vol. 5
Various – Explosion Latina 2
Various – Explosion Latina 3
Various – Explosion Latina 4
Various – The Best Of Explosion Latina
Various – One Last Ride
Various – Rock & Roll Train: A Millenium Tribute To Ac/Dc
Various – Shapes 10:02
Various – (Sorta) Love Songs – The Songs Of Scott Burkell And Paul Loesel
Various – La Isla Bonita: Cool Latin Jazz
Various – International…Hots…Hits…Latinos
Various Artists – Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings (2 Cd)
Various Artists – Cuban All Jazz
Various Artists – Cuban All Stars Vol. 2
Various Artists – The Ave All Stars
Various Artists – Big Band Legends: The Hollywood Years / [2 Cd]
Various Artists – I’m Here (Original Soundtrack)
While Heaven Wept – Triumph: Tragedy: Transcendence Limited Edition
White Buffalo, The – Prepare For Black & Blue
Wilson, Charlie – Just Charlie
Yardbirds, The – Little Games
Zoon Van Snook – (Falling From) The Nutty Tree

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