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The pickings are slim unless you dig Alicia Keys...

New Album Releases December 15, 2009: Alicia Keys, Animal Collective

Can I please say the best thing Alicia Keys did was get namechecked in a Bob Dylan song?  I kid.  I'm not a fan, but she really is a talent and today she has a new album in stores.  She's hit nearly every time she's released something and I'm expecting more of the same.

Elsewhere, we have a new record from Animal Collective.  I was turned on to them by one of our fine music writers, Sterfish.  Listening to them is a lot like reading the classics for me or listening to Bob Dylan for my wife; brilliant work but not something I want to read/hear.  Animal Collective has a unique way of combining sounds and creating sounds.  They make noise-rock sound collages and God bless them for doing it, but I like songs.  These guys just aren't accessible enough for me.

Beyond that, boys and girls, there just isn't a lot.  Buckeye fans will flock to hear the Ohio State University Wind Symphony's Southern Harmony.  I bet that's not going to be a big seller in Ann Arbor or Alabama.  The big releases are already in stores, so get out there and score a heaping handful of them.

Alicia Keys
The Element of Freedom

New Surrender

Animal Collective
Fall Be Kind

Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Hannibal Lokumbe: Dear Mrs. Parks


Johnny 5

Mance Lipscomb
The Best Of Mance Lipscomb

George Lopez
Tall, Dark & Chicano

Manchester Carollers
The Manchester Carols

Ohio State University Wind Symphony
Southern Harmony

Parker Quartet
Ligeti: String Quartets Nos. 1 & 2

Donny Osmond
Definitive Collection

Alice Russell
Pot of Gold: Remixes


Take That
Circus Live

Robin Thicke
Sex Therapy: The Session

Phil Vassar
Traveling Circus

Paul Weller
Paul Weller


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