Thursday , February 22 2024
The Democratic Response to everything: We are outraged!!


My transformation from bleeding heart liberal to heartless conservative is almost complete. I have had the blood transfusion of Henry Kissinger, the last remaining functioning brain cells of Ronald Reagan inserted into my cranium, the specialized lying gene of Oliver North infused in my nervous system and last but not least, I drank the blood of the poor from the ghetto.

Yes my friends, I will be a heartless Conservative soon. Perhaps Ann Coulter and I can do lunch? Maybe Rush will invite me to co-host with him? Maybe I will be included in the inner circle of “KEEP THE LITTLE MAN DOWN AND IMPERIALISE THE WORLD WITH OUR BRAND OF DEMOCRACY” right-wing conservatives and we can all sit around smoking cigars waxing poetic on the state of the world as we manifest our destiny to obtain IRAQ’s oil.

Does the above sound like a load of horseshit to you? If you are a conservative and you read that, I expect two responses: Vigorous Head Scratching or Knowing Laughter. If you are a liberal I expect one response: SHEER AND UTTER OUTRAGE.

Yes folks, it is true. The only calculated response by the Left is SHEER AND UTTER OUTRAGE. That is a pretty intense response to maintain to ALL THINGS THAT GLEAM OF REALITY. I can see it now, the liberals were sipping their sour grapes while listening to Bush’s speech and instead of “listening” they were remarking on how the VP has no neck and the Speaker has no neck, what a bunch of fatties those two are. Oh wait, that was what I was saying. No what the Left heard was “blah, blah, blah, Taxes,blah, blah,blah, Destroy the Environment, blah, blah, blah WAR FOR OIL.”

Gee, that’s funny, cause what I heard was a man, who only 3 years ago I wanted to burn in effigy, give an excellently delivered speech that was both heartfelt, principled, passionate and sincere, but also RIGHT ON with what I think this country needs.

The new economic growth will be Energy technology. Mark my words. I know that I received an additional $500 back on my taxes this year over last year and have had an even higher percentage still than when the Dems were running the place. Hey, I don’t make this stuff up. I am the poor and I am feeling more government love than I ever have.

That is not to say that all is rosy in the world right now. Because it isn’t. I don’t have a steady source of income. I am very worried about the men and women of our armed services facing the Evil and Ruthless dicatator of Iraq, who will most assuredly strike back with chemical and biological weapons at our troops and our friends and allies in ISRAEL. Let’s not forget Israel. Does anyone REALLY think that Middle East is going to decide on it’s own that they need to embrace their Semite brothers of Israel, unless we force them to do so?

Well that right there is the crux of this post, those who live in a dream world are also the same ones who think that the Conservatives of this country are Evil incarnate. They hear nothing, they see nothing and worst of all THEY DO NOTHING.

Don’t call me a liberal. You can call me a middle of the road conservative who was converted over time, BY LISTENING, READING, FILTERING ENDLESS PILES OF PROPAGANDA BY THE LEFT, and most of all watching the way the Conservatives conduct themselves, compared to the way the Liberals conduct themselves.

Hilary is pathetic. Lieberman is a talking head with NO ORIGINAL IDEAS OR IDEALS. I am fed up with the entire Democrat party. They are embarassing. Their behavior is outrageous. They all remind me of middle managers at the most mismanaged company on earth. Taking credit for what their subordinates did and then spoonfeeding bullshit to the upper tiers and ultimately looking out for one person: themselves.

I don’t know what speech the Dems saw last night, but I can’t wait to cast my vote in 2004.

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