Thursday , March 30 2023

Album Reviews

Music Reviews: An Unusual Anthology Collects Hits from 1957, plus Marvin Gaye and Diane Hubka

American Bandstand

An eclectic anthology collects the songs that made Billboard's Top 100 in one week of August 1957. Plus, Marvin Gaye and Diane Huber.

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Music Reviews: A Box Set Showcases Bob Dylan’s ‘Time Out of Mind’ Sessions, plus Jeb Loy Nichols and Josh Sinton

Bob Dylan-Fragments-Time Out of Mind Sessions-Bootleg Series Vol. 17

A box set expands on "Time Out of Mind," Bob Dylan's 1997 masterpiece. Plus, the underappreciated Jeb Loy Nichols and jazz from Josh Sinton.

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Music Reviews: Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir, Impressions with Jerry Butler, Orchestra Gold, and Howdy Glenn

Bob Weir--Ace

The first solo album from the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir reappears with a bonus concert, plus Impressions with Jerry Butler, Orchestra Gold, and Howdy Glenn.

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Music and Film Reviews: Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Live at Royal Albert Hall,’ plus Dave Alvin’s ‘Eleven Eleven’ and Sam Platts’ ‘West Side’

Creedence Clearwater Revival--At Royal Albert Hall

A CD/Blu-ray box set features Creedence Clearwater Revival at Royal Albert Hall in 1970, plus reviews of Dave Alvin and Sam Platts.

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Music and Film Reviews: Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Alternate Collection,’ plus Willie Nelson and Cat Stevens

Fleetwood Mac-Alternate Collection

A review of Fleetwood Mac's "The Alternate Collection," plus a Willie Nelson concert CD/DVD set and a new edition of Cat Stevens's "Catch Bull at Four."

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Music Reviews: Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Only the Strong Survive,’ plus Alex Chilton and Melissa Carper

bruce springsteen only the strong survive

Bruce Springsteen covers classic soul and R&B on 'Only the Strong Survive,' plus a live Alex Chilton reissue and a new album from Melissa Carper.

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