Wednesday , February 21 2024
The Apples In Stereo releases its seventh full-length album Travellers In Space And Time.

Music Review: The Apples In Stereo – Travellers In Space And Time

I think that some sort of praise should be given to a band that has existed long enough to reach the hallowed number seven for full-length album releases, especially when that band still includes many of its original founding members.

It’s amazing that The Apples In Stereo has been making music for almost two decades. Led by Robert Schneider, the six-piece ensemble is still crafting pseudo-psychedelic tunes for another generation of indie fans.

On Travellers In Space And Time, the band gets some heavy inspiration from Electric Light Orchestra for some of the album’s beats and themes, notably on the addicting “Dreams About The Future” and the very groovy “Dance Floor.” Both songs sort of crept up my lower body, as I noticed my right foot tapping the floor furiously and my booty shaking itself numb.

It would be embarrassing to tell you how “Hey Elevator” treated me, so let’s just say my clothes had a tendency of removing themselves from my body. And no, I wasn’t alone, so I had welcomed friendly assistance. And during the more mellow “No One In The World,” the number of partygoers actually increased.

I should put a disclaimer on this review that reads: Result of orgy from listening to The Apples In Stereo is not typical. Sorry, guys.

Travellers In Space And Time is full of catchy hooks that make you wonder why disco ever died. But then you reach the album’s 10th track, “I Told You Once,” and you know why. At around that 30-minute mark, the album starts to feel stretched and saturated, kind of like the feeling you get after having sweated all night in full go get ’em attire.

Sure, the Beatles-esque “Floating In Space” is a welcome relief that probably should have been the album’s conclusion. But we’re treated to three more tracks that seem out of place-yes, “Nobody But You” should be an earlier track-after so many dance songs. The Apples In Stereo has made an enjoyable album, but it feels somewhat excessive for 51 total minutes.

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