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Who would’ve thought that something good could have ever come out of Utah?

Music Review: Meg & Dia – Here, Here And Here

Who would’ve thought that something good could have ever come out of Utah? Recording artists Meg & Dia have rocked the country for this year’s Vans Warped Tour (something I’m too old and cranky to attend) in the wake of their latest album, Here, Here and Here. The group, named after founders and lead singers Meg and Dia Frampton, takes listeners on an upbeat odyssey throughout the various trials and tribulations that all of us were forced to endure while growing up. As such, the album (as well as the artists) may very well have an enormous appeal to all of the independent-minded youngsters out there.

Deciding to pick up and try a few new instruments for this album, Meg & Dia’s Here, Here and Here possesses a rather pop-rock sound to it. Fortunately, it’s a likable pop-rock sound (which is so hard to come by these days). And the sister act of Meg and Dia provide some captivating — and decidedly mature — lyrics. For me, the biggest standout songs on this album are “Inside My Head” and “Black Wedding.” The former contains lyrics such as “My boyfriend used my palm, as an ashtray, and that was on his good days.” Ouch. The latter tune reflects on religion in much the same way.

Drawing their album’s name from the words of Mozart, Meg & Dia’s Here, Here and Here is an entertaining listen. It’s a very personal album. The girls (and their male instrumentalists) take a stance on a number of valid issues and hit their target on the mark. For some people, Here, Here and Here will move them with its lyrical poetry. Others will enjoy the sounds. But, most importantly, everyone will enjoy the fact that these two young ladies offer us more than just a couple of pretty faces.

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