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The ‘Spring’ EP is Klassik’s second of four installments in his project entitled ‘Seasons’.

Music Review: Klassik – ‘Spring’ EP

Milwaukee hip-hop and R&B artist Klassik released last month the EP Spring, the second installment of a project titled Seasons following his January 2015 EP named, you guessed it, Winter. The season’s new life, emerging after a cold, hard winter, is reflected in the themes touched upon in the three tracks of this EP that channel a flow-like vibe reminiscent of Outkast in their early days.

The midtempo “Go Far” is built on layers that go from stacked almost haphazardly on top of each other, creating an almost dissonant sound, to stacked cleanly together, giving listeners a feeling of resolution. This structure is a reflection of both the transition from winter’s chaos to spring’s organic, tidy growth, as well as of the socially conscious lyrics discussing racial tensions and prejudices the artist has been surrounded with all his life. The harmonious way the track ends reflects the fragile hope of spring’s first buds, which one can easily bring to mind when Klassik increasingly softly repeats “with these dreams/we’ll go far” throughout the last minute.

The uptempo, frantic, and frenetic “Know It All” comes as quite the contrast, and helps showcase Klassik’s tight rapping and rhyming while the horns in the catchy “Otha Fish (featuring OYE!)” bring a soothing flow to a track one can easily imagine oneself driving to with the windows down on one of spring’s warmer days, despite its explicit content.

Klassik’s music can be streamed on SoundCloud, and more information is available on his official website.

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