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You'll Believe (Pop Version)

Music Review: Kaz Bielinski – ‘You’ll Believe’ (Pop Version)

Kaz Bielinski has a new single out. It’s entitled “You’ll Believe” (Pop Version). The tune reflects a SoCal pop sensibility reminiscent of Dan Fogelberg – it’s warm and graceful.

Bielinski grew up in Los Angeles, singing along with the Beatles. Acquisition of a guitar and piano cemented his love for music and gave him the freedom to write original songs. In middle school, Bielinski formed a band, The Illusions. Later, he attended UCLA, graduating with a degree in political science. In pursuit of his musical dream, he drove a cab, which allowed him to continue writing songs while waiting for one of the big labels to discover him.

When discovery eluded him, he landed a job in IT, where he spent the next 20 years, followed by a Masters in Clinical Psychology. Through all of this, he never lost sight of his musical dream. He kept writing music and performing. In the end, his perseverance bore fruit, landing him in the Top 20 of the Adult Contemporary charts.

“You’ll Believe” opens with a sparkling piano and gossamer synths, tender and gentle, followed by Bielinski’s comfortable tenor. As the harmonics swell, drums and a throbbing bass line infuse the tune with the bright rhythm of pop-flavored soft rock. A contagious supple structure, simmering and indulgent in the verses, expands to a luminous glow in the chorus.

Bielinski’s voice projects timbres of refined colors, as well as silky textures, giving the tune tantalizing wisps of quixotic savor. Clean, mellow tones take on elevated passion in the chorus. It’s a generous voice, easy to listen to and identify with. It’s one of those voices you love to sing along with.

The lyrics tell the tale of a lover’s miscalculation and later realization and contrition for tossing aside true love.

“There’ll be a day / You’ll come to find / You miss my love so true / Good bye lover / I’ll cross your mind / And then you’ll feel so blue / You’ll believe when you call my name / You’ll believe that I’m not the same / You’ll know then what you don’t know now / You’ll want me back in your arms somehow.”

“You’ll Believe” radiates yummy pop ambience full of vibrant colors and infectious dynamism. It’s the type of lush song you can listen to over and over and never grow tired of.

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