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Iron bars can change a man, and that change seems evident on this album.

Music Review: Jah Cure – True Reflections…A New Beginning

Written by Fumo Verde

Spark one up, crank the volume to 12, and kick it while Jah Cure unleashes his fourth album True Reflections…A New Beginning. This may be his fourth record but it’s the first one to be released since Cure himself was released from prison. Soulful and sincere with deep roots of reggae, True Reflections contains powerful messages and viewpoints of a man ready to start over. If this were the ganga, it would have that full body smell and that outdoor fresh taste.

The title track is number one for a reason and should be listened too carefully. Cure lets us all know that he’s changed, and though actions speak louder than words—the lyrics laid out on this very important piece is full of genuineness, “Behind these metal bars to Jah Jah I’m chanting / ‘Pray for your love divine’/ I’m oh so sorry a man, deeply I’m hurting / The price ordained to be mine.” A song sung so emotionally reveals the inner feelings of this man. Just like the acoustic track “I Love You,” the pain in Cure’s voice echoes the feelings of his love with a real honesty.

These aforementioned songs may not sound like your average reggae beats but I assure you that Cure has dropped some fine Natty Dread jams that will get you in “chill out” mode, songs like “Same Way” and “Jamaica” – a tribute to his home country. Still, Cure takes the rasta beat into new and diverse directions with tracks like “Conga Man,” which mixes reggae drumbeats with electronic sounds giving the song a symphonic vibe.

True Reflections…A New Beginning shows the maturity of Cure. Iron bars can change a man, and that change seems evident on this album. Whether he can live up to his own expectations is another thing. This CD has a lot of passion and is worth giving a chance, just like the man who created it. For Jah Cure—this is his new beginning and I wish him the best of luck.

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