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For Peace Band

Music Review: For Peace Band – ‘Always Love’ Is Smooth Reggae (Single)

For Peace Band just dropped a new single, “Always Love.” The song is the title track to the band’s forthcoming sophomore album, releasing July 27 on the Rootfire Cooperative label. The album sports roots-reggae rhythms with tropical harmonics, along with two guest vocalists: Star of the Steppas on “Revival,” and Nathan Feinstein of Iya Terra on “Judgment Day.”

Hailing from Guam, For Peace Band is made up of Ronald “RJ” Pereira (guitar, vocals), Freddy Bordallo (drums, vocals), Jacob Iosa (keyboards, vocals), and Danton Cruz (bass, vocals). Guam and reggae music go together like peaches and cream. Unfortunately, for financial reasons, hardly any of the local bands leave the island. Travel costs are exorbitant. Right now, For Peace Band is the only band from Guam traveling to North America.

Reid Foster, General Manager of Rootfire, says, “I first heard about For Peace Band through The Expanders, and the fact that they were traveling from Guam was sort of mind-blowing. The music is fantastic and Rootfire is in a position to have a really meaningful impact on their careers right now. So this is a special project on a lot of levels.”

A smooth, cool guitar and throbbing keyboards establish the smooth reggae texture of “Always Love.” Rhythmically, the tune is simple yet compelling, exuding a contagiously rolling beat, permeating the music with a voluptuous cadence. I love the jazz-imbued colors of the guitars, buttery and oozing, eschewing the customary skanking guitars of most reggae.

Smooth as cashmere is the only way to describe the lead vocals, as the polished background harmonies add shimmers of velvety colors.

The lyrics espouse love, peace, and spiritual tranquility.

“Always love, always love, your roots and culture. Never give up, never evil.”

With “Always Love,” For Peace Band confirms superb reggae can flourish anywhere, not just in Jamaica. This is reggae with an elegant bouquet, fragrant yet supple and compelling.

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