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After two decades, Bon Jovi still hits the mark with Lost Highway.

Music Review: Bon Jovi – Lost Highway

For nearly two decades, Bon Jovi, led by lead singer Jon Bon Jovi has been releasing records and pleasing fans with their contagious brand of rock music. Their newest album, Lost Highway was released in June 2007. Over the years they’ve bended and evolved from their near hair-metal roots to something that could just as easily be categorized as the new flavor of country.

With that evolution there is still a common thread running through all their music, this album included, that makes it unmistakably Bon Jovi. It’s the slice-of-life element to their songs. In the lyrical stories Bon Jovi tells there is often something the listener can relate to. No exception is Lost Highway‘s ten tracks that will please any die-hard fan and is sure to draw in a whole new generation hearing the band for the first time.

The lead-off single to the album is the ballad “(You Want To) Make a Memory” and is one of those tracks that takes you down memory lane. Even though it’s a ballad, it has a way of sounding big and bold, like “Never Say Goodbye” and is full of reminiscing in a similar vein as “Just Older.” It’s a beautiful song and Jon Bon Jovi has a way of emoting so that the listener feels the song is being sung just for them.

“I Love This Town” is one of those songs that confirms this album could easily be shelved next to Montgomery Gentry or Big & Rich. It’s got a Southern Rock/Country spin, with a message of small town and hometown pride. Speaking of Big & Rich, there is a duet with them: “We Got it Going On.” This track doesn’t walk the line. It is not an adult alternative new country hybrid. It would be as much at home on Big & Rich’s album as it is here. It is also serving as the theme song for the new Arena Football league on ESPN. This is not the only song getting outside attention, the title song from the album, “Lost Highway” appeared in the movie Wild Hogs.

The countrified duets don’t stop with Big & Rich. “Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore” is another one of those Bon Jovi soulful ballads. With this one, he shares the mic with LeAnn Rimes. I was pleasantly surprised at the way their voices blended and melded and it’s one of my favorite tracks on the album.

If I had to pick a low point on the album, it would be the song “Summertime,” though it’s really nothing against the song itself. What I can’t get away from is how much it reminds me of Better Than Ezra’s “Hollow.” I love the song “Hollow” and I could really get into “Summertime” with it’s catchy and pop-laden hooks… if I couldn’t get away from the fact that is sounds so much like the other song.

If you’re a long time Bon Jovi fan or someone who enjoys Get a sneak peak of the album by watching the video “(You Want To) Make a Memory” below.

Video of “(You Want To) Make a Memory”:

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