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The lead singer/song-writer of The Calling releases his solo debut on AMB Records.

Music Review: Alex Band – We’ve All Been There

There's a good chance that you have already heard of Alex Band. As co-founder and lead singer of the The Calling, Band found huge success with the song, "Wherever You Will Go." Billboard named the song #1 Adult Pop Song of the Decade in 2009. They also named the song "Why Don't You and I," that Band took part in with Carlos Santana, the #5 Adult Top 40 Song of the Decade.

Band is now returning to the music scene with his solo debut, We've All Been There. The 14-track album is produced by Matt Serletic, who has also produced Rob Thomas and Collective Soul; Tal Herzberg, who has also produced Black Eyed Peas; and John Fields, who has produced Switchfoot and the Jonas Brothers. The album feels like you're reading through a journal, touching on love, spiritual guidance, heartbreak and moving on. The emotional music and lyrics within the album tell the story of the singer's personal struggles.

In his press release Band says, "I've lived with these songs for years, and the whole point is to share them with everybody now."

The first single, "Tonight" is a great musical bridge from The Calling to Band's solo effort. From the music, it is apparent that "Tonight" is definitely inspired by U2's sound. The song has been used in the CW series, The Vampire Diaries and is also being used this summer in the TV campaign for the World Cup.

Other stand out tracks from the album include, "Please," "Leave," and "Without You."

On the spiritual call out, there is "Please." There are different dimensions of Band's strong vocal displayed throughout the song. "Please" could be a promising follow-up single.

With "Leave" and "Without You," both songs allow a glimpse into Band's personal life.

On "Leave," the emotional wrenching lyrics say it all, "Even when I walk with you it's just a crawl/Down on my knees, I'm begging you please/Baby don't take me all/So goodbye, goodbye."

In the chorus "Without You" Band sings, "If I could only turn back time/I would find you and make you mine/I'm doing the best I can do/Without you."

The emotions and lyrics of the songs come across as genuine and sincere, which allows them to be relatable to the listening audience.

The album closes with the hopeful track, "Start Over Again." I thought this was definitely the right track to end the album with. The album as a whole covers love and heartbreak, and this last song is the life re-boot after being thrown a curve ball.

Band's vocal talent and super song-writing are both stronger than ever. The proof is in the music.

We've All Been There comes out June 29 on AMB Records/EMI.

To see Band's music video for "Tonight," you can view it on YouTube. For more information on Alex Band, visit his website.

Definite Downloads: "Tonight," "Please"

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