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Chickenfoot gets their buzz on in Phoenix, Arizona.

Music DVD Review: Chickenfoot – Get Your Buzz On Live

There are supergroups and then there are supergroups. Some work and some are disasters. Following in the footsteps of Cream, The Traveling Wilburys, Blind Faith, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; singer/guitarist Sammy Hagar of Montrose and Van Halen, drummer Chad Smith of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, bassist Michael Anthony of Van Halen, and Joe Satriani–one of the best guitar players in the world–have joined together to form the latest all-star band, Chickenfoot.

I don’t think they will change the course of rock music and I don’t know how long their association will last, but Chickenfoot are creating some excellent and tasty rock “n” roll and look like they are having a good time along the way. Their self-titled debut album was released June 5, 2009 and was an immediate commercial success. It reached number four on the United States album charts and spawned two Top 40 hits.

They traveled to The Dodge Theater in Phoenix, Arizona and filmed their September 23, 2009 concert with 16 cameras and some recording equipment that captured their sound clearly and precisely. The resulting DVD release, Get Your Buzz On Live captures the music, energy, and essence of the band well.

Except for “No Runnin’ Out,” they play their entire debut album. I would have liked to see them experiment a little more and play a few more covers or new material, but they do cover the old ground well and it’s nice to see their familiar material come to life. They do resurrect the old Montrose tune “Bad Motor Scooter” and it was very welcome.

While Anthony and Smith form a superior rhythm section, the spotlight shines on Satriani and Hagar. Joe Satriani is one of those human beings who was born to play the guitar. He shines on such songs as “Soap On A Rope,” “Oh Yeah,” “Sexy Little Thing,” and “Get It Up.” Even Sammy straps on the old guitar once in a while. One of my favorite moments is Chad Smith channeling Keith Moon by destroying his drums.

There is an hour of bonus material, the best of which is some footage from a concert at The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. But all in all, the extra 60 minutes drags a bit and will not need to be revisited too often.

Get Your Buzz On Live completes the first chapter of the Chickenfoot journey, as it serves as a nice companion release to their debut album. They are a fun and energetic rock band and this DVD presents those two attributes well.

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