Monday , July 22 2024

More Random Clustering on the Net

A mixtape exchange – Jim Schwab, are you listening?

    It’s like the Mickey Mouse Club, only no Britney. And no one calls you a mouseketeer unless you want them to.

    Here’s the deal: Every month I make a mix CD. If you want a copy, just send me a mix CD of your own. Hopefully, we’ll both find some new music we’ll like.

    Bonus prize: if you send me two copies of your mix, I’ll send you my mix and a copy of someone else’s, chosen at random from what I get in the mail.

    If you’d like to see what’s sort of music I like, you can see what’s been on some of my previous monthly mixes. (They don’t get posted online until all the trading’s done that month — wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, would we?)

    If you want to learn more, read up on the rules. Then, if you want to trade, sign up.

    A word on deadlines: This page has gotten more popular than I’d imagined, so I’m forced to set some deadlines to keep things organized. Here are this month’s:

    Deadline to sign up for the October trade:
    11:59 p.m. CDT, Monday, October 14.

    Deadline to actually get your mix in the mail to me:
    Monday, October 21.

    The deadline for the September trade has passed.

    Please be sure to email me when you actually mail your mix so I know it’s coming. Happy trading!

    (By the way, while you’re here, feel free to check out, of which the mix club is a part.)

Sounds like fun, though the postage is a killer.

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