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Michelle Rodriguez Chooses Slammer Over Trash Detail

Just when you think Hollywood can’t sink any lower, it swallows itself up and becomes a black hole of self-importance.

Lost star and known drunk, Michelle Rodriguez, convicted of drunk-driving while on location in Hawaii shooting the hit ABC drama Lost was sentenced to five days in jail, a choice she made over serving 240 hours of community service.

Michelle I mean I guess it’s her choice, but could she seem anymore like a low-rent be-otch? Her lawyer’s statement on the matter and her choice really says about all I need to hear from the hardass ho, “I would suspect that because she has a hard time even going out for a meal without being intruded upon for an autograph or photograph, it’s really difficult for her to do community service.”

Yeah, she’s so freaking famous she can’t even be bothered. Showing up for jail with three books in hand and a casual upbeat smile, Michelle is finally going to get “street cred” she’s always wanted. Unfortunately for Michelle, movie bike chicks and real biker chicks might have a different idea of “hard time.”


The drunk driving incident (not her first) dates back to December when she and fellow Lost cast mate Cynthia Watros were pulled over for obvious weaving and crossing lanes. According to the police report Rodriguez, in true Hollywood style was a pain in the ass, being “very argumentative” and kept interrupting the police officer as he was explaining the drunk driving arrest. Rodriguez also pointed out “I don’t f***ing belong here.”

Yes, sweetheart, you belong with the other D-listers who will be starring with you on cheesy reality TV shows in the very near future titled: Too Fast, Too Drunk, Too Important For Community Service.

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