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The nanny has developed quite a crush.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Fatal Attractions

You would think Nikolas would be allowed to just enjoy his new found fatherhood with baby John – who coincidently he decided to rename Spencer this week – but instead danger looms in the form of nanny Colleen. And I’m not even talking about the fact she is on Grandma Cassadine’s payroll. She’s developed quite the crush on Nikolas and is going to extreme lengths to turn his eye from his ex-wife, battling Alfred the butler’s attempts to pull the couple back together.

Though a simple crush wouldn’t necessarily be problematic, the nanny is giving off psycho vibes already, fabricating the infant’s life was in danger because Emily had placed him face down in the bassinet. Unsuccessful in convincing him his ex was a danger, she tried a teeny bikini to lure him to the beach under the guise of spending time with his son. Thanks to Alfred, Emily showed up and ended up taking Colleen’s place on the picnic. When the nanny later overheard Emily pointing out the obvious crush to the oblivious Nikolas, a look came over her face that promised trouble for the newly single Emily.

Yes, in a completely predictable happening, Sonny broke up with Emily. All part of this couple switch I’ve been talking about for a couple of weeks now. Alfred’s nudging balanced with psycho-nanny’s interference is making for an entertaining road to reconciliation.

Self-destructive Lucky couldn’t stay away from Maxie, and while trying to steal a little affection in his patrol car, it was knocked into gear and rolled into Edward’s prized Bentley. One would think a patrol car hitting a parked car would cause some departmental stir, even for the hero Alexis has unjustly made him out to be. Instead his hero status made Edward forgiving of him, and no further mention was made.

Lucky, however, after discovering from the sealed file that Manny had no gun-shot wound, continued his downward spiral throwing accusations all over about cover-ups and corruption involving Alexis, Sam, and Jason.

This story is on the verge of exploding. Elizabeth is already on to the drug addiction, having discovered yet another bottle of pills in his pocket, and it’s only a matter of time until she finds out her husband is also cheating on her. Will she write off the affair as a side effect of the pain pills or will she find solace in the arms of her latest go-to man, Jason?

Sam, of course, is not responsible for the missing file and continues to be berated by Lucky and Alexis for trying to cover for Jason. When Sam stood firm in her instance she was innocent, Alexis questioned Ric, alienating and angering both husband and daughter. Am I the only one who sees where this is going? Ric and Sam have been getting closer over the past weeks – which is just weird given their history. And with Sam’s original motive to get even with both her mother and Jason for the couple’s break-up, I imagine we’ll see bitterness turn to passion sometime soon.

Predictable fall-out from all the summer passion, Lulu suspects she is pregnant. Though I’m all in favor of a Lulu-Dillon pairing, and her being pregnant would discourage Georgie from re-claiming her man, a teen-age pregnancy story seems predictable and I’m not sure there is any new ground to cover which hasn’t already been hashed out hundreds of times before on these soaps. Maybe the test will be negative? I doubt it.

One couple that seems to be slowly building a stronger relationship is the one determined to keep it simple, Patrick and Robin. With his HIV scare, he has not only been picking her brain, but seeing the compassionate and caring side he’s been attracted to all along.

Robin has been bombarded with memories of Stone, sensing this Patrick went to Robert and Anna and let them know their daughter needs them, impressing both her parents immensely. Much to everyone’s relief the first test came back negative. I state again, I hope they follow this story through and do it justice, instead of only using the scare a driving force to bind the couple (Though I like them together).

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