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Jax and Carly say goodbye; Liz makes love to Lucky, dreams of Jason.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Love Hurts

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

No matter how much Carly begged, cried, and pleaded, Jax was determined to continue his search for Jerry and was just as resolved that Carly go home without him. In a scene reminiscent of Casablanca, the two shared a tearful goodbye in an airport hangar. Even though Carly was an absolute mess from the pain Jax was causing, she assured him that she loved him, and he promised to be home soon.

I had such high hopes for this couple in the beginning, mostly because Carly seemed like an even stronger and more independent woman by his side. We should have known that wouldn't last long. Ever since Jax's last return from chasing Jerry, Carly has been even more of a needy basket case. Why can't we have strong women on GH?

Maxie tried to be discrete as she dropped off a card on Lucky's and Liz's doorstep offering her support and condolences about Jake's kidnapping, but was called out by an angry Lulu. She went so far as to follow Maxie to the hospital where she very publicly warned the other to stay away from her brother, adding digs such as "Coop will leave you as soon he figures out what a whore you are." Of course this prompted Maxie to get on the phone with Logan, surely to step up her plan of revenge.

This little catfight was fun to watch, and it looked like the young actresses were having just as much fun filming it. A typical Spencer, Lulu is territorial and protective of her family. She may look like her mother, but she is definitely her father's daughter.

Liz felt the need to reconnect with her husband and the two clung to and supported each other. It didn't last long however, as in the aftermath, Liz dreamt Jason brought Jake back to her arms safe and sound and proclaimed he would never let her or her boys go again. Once she realized it was just a dream, she was reduced to a pile of tears.

To me, the reunion scenes between Liz and Lucky just didn't sit right; I guess I figured they would just be followed with something to remind us she really loves Jason, and when the dream sequence came I couldn't help but dislike the character even more for the way she continues to string along the man she's married to.

At the jail, Sam laid all her cards on the table, not only confronting Jason about his secret pain, but telling him about her con artist past. Jason seemed unmoved and cold, keeping his distance from the woman and finally point blank asking her if she took Jake, after Sam pointed the finger at Amelia. However, Sam didn't deny it, she only ran from the jail, apparently crushed by Jason's lack of faith in her. Over at the Everyday Heroes set, Amelia filled Alexis in on just what her daughter was capable of.

Sam's past is about to be exposed, and it will surely be the end of her relationship with Jason… like Jason has grounds to be judgmental. It's not like he really is a coffee importer. He is in jail awaiting a murder trial, after all.

At the hotel, Sonny continued to press Kate about hiding from her past and who she was while continuing to insist she must be hot for him. (Yeah, no ego there, Sonny!) They were interrupted when Kate's assistant delivered an expensive diamond necklace from a jeweler to be used on the next cover shoot. While fawning over the necklace, and taking it on and off, she nearly dropped it down a grate, and Sonny had to call hotel security to help retrieve it. Kate was aghast when she overhead the staff saying they couldn't allow Carly to know her ex was sleeping with Kate Howard.

Very cute scenes, today. It's fun to see Sonny as a romantic lead, I just wish we could get beyond all the cat-and-mouse games and move forward!

A Peak at Wednesday's General Hospital:

Sam and Amelia have it out about their mutual connection to Bill Monroe.

Carly comes home to an unwelcome visitor in the form of her brother-in-law.

Scott and Tracy try to compromise.

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