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Liz leans on Jason, but stays with Lucky (for now), Sam comes clean with Jason after seeing Amelia has the dirt on her.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Sam’s True Colors

On Monday's General Hospital:

Jason was outraged when Spinelli refused to help break him out of jail. After letting his mentor vent about how helpless he feels behind bars when his baby is God-knows-where, Spinelli explains that if he escapes he would be PC's most wanted. He warns Jason would end up splitting the police officers' attention as they would have to be looking for both Jason and Jake. Though he is initially furious, Jason understood and even thanked Spinelli for helping him level out.

I can't get enough of these two as a team! Spinelli is not only Jason's protégé and his biggest defender, but is proving to be a true friend.

Over at the Spencers, Liz and Lucky got into another huge knock down, drag out fight. Lucky accused Liz of not believing in him. Liz fired back that she didn't have the energy to stroke his massively damaged ego, so instead she ran to Jason so he could hold and comfort her. When she later returned home, she and Lucky made up and vowed to not let this come between them, and to stay focused on finding Jake.

Maybe it would be easier for Liz to explain to her husband why she keeps visiting Jason, if she told him the truth!

While looking for the revisions to the Everyday Heroes script, Sam came across Amelia's "file of damaging evidence against Sam." She learned not only that Amelia knew exactly who she was, but that she was the daughter of the man she had killed in what appears to be self-defense. Having nowhere else to turn, she went to her daughter's grave and hashed it all out. Her final conclusion was to tell Jason the truth before Amelia could. (Too late, honey!) At episode's end, she confessed to Jason that she's known for weeks that he was Jake's father.

I am so happy to see this story finally opening up. Now, let's tell Lucky the truth and let the pieces fall where they may. I'm betting Liz and Lucky fall apart and eventually we get a reuniting of Jason and Liz. What I don't know is how I feel about that pairing.

While chasing after his brother, Jax finds himself staring at the wrong end of a gun being held by a big scary bartender who says he's under orders from Jerry. Carly showed up and saved him by posing as Jerry's wife to the bartender. You'd think the two would want to make a clean escape while they could, but no. They sat down and rehashed the same argument they've been having for weeks. Carly wants him to put her and the boys first, Jax needs to help his brother if they can. Neither is going to get what they want by the looks of the two huge guys who approached them at episode's end.

Sonny puts two and two together and calls Kate out about setting off the fire alarm to break up his little fling with Amelia. He tells Kate the only reason she could have for doing that is that she wants him all to herself. Why does she keep protesting? It's obvious it's true.

Alexis showed up at the Everyday Heroes set to renegotiate Sam's contract and got a look at The File.

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

  • On Friday, in The View's timeslot, get a sneak peek at ABC Soaps Sizzling Summer Storylines, including General Hospital and the Soapnet spinoff Nightshift which will begin airing July 12. ABC is Soapnet's parent company.
  • Natalia Livingston (Emily) is currently working without a contract. Is the actress going to leave GH? Some say she is pursuing other daytime options.
  • Does Sam know more than she's telling? Look for her to ask Alexis about 'leaving the scene of a crime' later this week.
  • Will blackmailing Scott be Tracy's ticket out of Shadybrook?

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