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All eyes looking for Jake are turning to Sam.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Sam Looks Guilty

On Thursday’s General Hospital:

Instead of sobering up, a drunk Sam continued to talk to Amelia in the Metro Court restaurant, seemingly having little control over what comes out of her mouth. When her boss flat out asked her if she kidnapped Jake, her response was “Would you cover for me if I did?” From there she went to the Spencer house and tormented Liz, telling her how they are just alike now that they have both lost a child. She tells Liz at least she can have more children and maybe it would help her forget about Jake. Liz completely loses it and tossed Sam out of her house. Not too smooth of a move as she went straight to Lucky, seemingly hell-bent on telling him he is not Jake’s father.

When Spinelli told Sonny that Sam is looking guiltier by the minute, he filled Diane in that Jason is Jake’s father and asked if that is enough to get him released on bail (so he can help look for his son). Diane said that information would have no bearing on getting him bail, and advised Sonny to keep Jason’s secret. Later Spinelli warned Lulu that Sonny knows the truth and doesn’t seem to care who he tells.

It’s not going to matter much who Sonny tells, if Sam tells Lucky the truth first. The result will be the same; Lucky is not going to forgive Liz for this one. I’m only hoping he doesn’t return to pills. I also hope Sam doesn’t think this will endear her to Jason. I imagine he will be quite upset. I think we’re seeing the end of both couples.

Ric took a minute break from gloating over his perceived win over Jason to entice Logan to be a mole. He turned Ric down and walked away, but was later ticked off when Sonny tossed him out of his office. I wonder if he’ll change his mind and go back to Ric?

Carly learned Jax’s surprise was a trip to Montreal… and the deed to a mansion he wants to turn into a boutique hotel. Carly quickly jumped to the conclusion it was something to keep her busy while he was out looking for Jerry. I have a feeling she might be right.

Even at Shadybrook Tracy continued to argue with Alan’s ghost. It seems they are going to explain this away with it being a manifestation of her guilt, which is too bad really. I was hoping the “haunting” would spread to Monica and maybe Edward. Dillon promised Tracy he would see her released from the intuition. Since Scott Cliffton’s contract has nearly run out, I would look for the loose ends of his story lines to be wrapped up soon.

On Friday’s GH:

  • Will Jason sacrifice his long-term freedom to help find Jake?
  • Sonny continues to play games with Kate.
  • Jax is sidetracked from the new hotel plans.

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