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Sam's desperate to have a child, Robin is getting the urge, and Patrick swears he will never be a father.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – The Ticking of the Biological Clock (Plus Spoilers)

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – The Ticking of the Biological Clock

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

Amelia visits Jason at the jail and tells him everything she knows about Sam's swindling past. Jason, though shocked, still stands by Sam having faith that he is not another one of her targets. That is, until Amelia confides that Sam's known for weeks that he was Jacob's father. Meanwhile in a mother-daughter heart to heart, Sam tells Alexis she is desperate to have Jason's baby and won't be content until she does.

I know Sam's always teetered on the psycho side, but lately it's like they've stepped it up a notch, playing into her scandalous past, and causing Jason to have all sorts of doubts about the woman. The couple really never get sizzle back after last summer's indiscretions during the blackout and I think it's about time they call it quits.

Determined not to go to the hospital for the bump on her head, Kate agrees to stay at Sonny's but refuses to sleep in her designer clothes. Their evening walk down memory lane is interrupted by Bernie, Max and Diane who are in mutual agreement that Kate getting involved with Sonny is just a bad idea. Bad Idea!

I don't know if I agree with Bernie, Max and Diane. Kate and Sonny have a way of needling each other that is explosively destructive like Carly and Sonny use to be. I hope we see more of this couple in the days and weeks to come.

Lainey, Kelly, and Robin declare a "Girl's Night Out" and are somewhat surprised to find Patrick and Stan already drowning their stresses at Jake's. While the young doctor's drink the day away they talk about babies, families, and single-parent households. That is until Patrick and Robin decide to set the issue aside and go home. Hopefully, they don't put it aside for too long. I would love to watch as the couple goes through everything involved with a HIV positive woman becoming a mother.

The Quartermaines stop arguing amongst themselves just long enough to gang up on Scott when he comes to harass Tracy about Laura's disappearance. Though, when he later returns with an arrest warrant none seem in too much of a hurry to bail her out. Ghost of Alan warns Tracy their father is up to something and she needs to watch her back.

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

Amelia continues attacking Sam to Jason explaining she is determined to have a baby with him, under any means necessary, to prevent him from running off with Elizabeth to care for the baby he already has with her. Jason can't help but remember all the times Sam orchestrated it so they would run into Liz and Jake and the times she insisted they start a family.

After Amelia leaves, she drops by the Spencer's to peer ominously though the window at Liz, Lucky and the kids. While Sam shows up at the jail and asks Jason to promise that as soon as he's free they will begin to work on having a family of their own. Watch for all of this to erupt in a big way on Friday's episode and into next week.

Jax's and Carly's plans for a night out are set aside when Morgan gets a stomach ache. Jax doesn't seem to be all that upset about an evening in with the family; however Carly becomes extremely upset when they get a series of hang-up calls which she believes is Jerry trying to get a hold of Jax. I'm loving watch Carly and Jax function as a family with the kids. It maybe just a glimpse of the mundane, but it breaks up all the high drama in fun way.

When no one else steps up to help Tracy, Lulu bails her step mother out of jail. Later, Edward is seen making a call to a judge, but I don't think it's about getting her off the hook. He is definitely up to something where his daughter is concerned.

Maxie tells Logan to 'hurry up already' and get Lulu into bed. It would appear he's stepping up his plan when he decks Scott for harassing the girl. He later confides that the Spencer family isn't the only one Scott has tried to destroy – and I don't think he's playing here. And I also look for Logan to fall in love along the way, leaving Maxie let down and disappointed, not that she deserves anything else.

As the night of drinking begins to wear off, Robin and Patrick agree to put off talking about kids until a date to be determined later.

On Thursday's General Hospital:

Didn't recognize Ric today? It's a temporary recast while Rick Hearst recovers from surgery. This new guy didn't bring the same sleaze to the character. You'd almost think the DA was playing it straight up as he tormented Jason about how first he's going to convict him and then go after Sonny. All this right before Liz comes to visit Jason – Again!, and then wonders why Lucky gets so upset.

Right before interviewing the woman who couldn't save her infant daughter from the house fire, Sam finds out she doesn't have any viable eggs and only has about a 10 percent chance of having a baby with her DNA, even with a surrogate. The stress of it all causes her to spill to Amelia that she "wishes Jake would just disappear." Careful what you wish for, Honey.

While arguing over Sam and whether or not she's a threat to their business Jason finally confided his 'secret pain' to Sonny. Even though he insisted he's not backing out on his promise to Elizabeth, Sonny insisted he should fight for his son.

Even though Carly and Lady Jane both beg Jax to let Jerry be, he insisted there was still good to be found in his brother and refused to cut his ties to him.

Nikolas, however, continued to move forward with his plan to hunt down Jerry, and doubt put an end to him going so far as to hire a public detective to tap all of Jax's and Lady Jane's phone lines and telling Alexis to start preparing a defense for Emily. The dark "Cassadine" side of Nikolas is fun to watch, and it's good to see Alexis given some more storylines. It would appear she's doing well in her cancer fight.

Due to a family getaway, there will be no updates to Making the Rounds until Wednesday, June 20th.  As a special treat here a few new spoilers we dug up. 

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

  • Several sources are saying we will be hearing Rick Springfield sing on upcoming episodes of GH. Dr. Noah Drake's "whole other life" that has been hinted about in other recent spoilers, appears to be as a crooner.
  • Tracy spoke to the furniture one too many times, and is getting her own room at Shadybrook. That is, until she can prove to Lainey she is not crazy.
  • All eyes turn to Sam when Jacob goes missing.
  • Jax will venture out, yet again, to help his brother.

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