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Sonny continued to be a thorn in Kate's side, proving once and for all how attracted he is.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Gangsters In Love (and Spoilers)

On Friday's General Hospital:

Kate violated the terms of her and Sonny's deal and chose to have her helicopter flown over his property as it was delivering a garden statue. So Sonny did the reasonable, logical thing, and had Jason come over and shoot the cable holding the crate, allowing it to drop through her roof and three floors of her house. In the aftermath, Jason was treated to the knowledge that Kate and Sonny share a past. Kate shared with Sonny the sentimental value of the sculpture which sent him guilt-ridden to Carly asking her to find a replacement.

I recognize that gleam in Carly's eye. She's going to use the incident to get back at Kate for their argument over the kids. Carly is also beginning to see Kate pushed Sonny's buttons. So, with Jax soon heading out of town, I'm sure we will see Carly turning about ten different shades of green.

Ric unsuccessfully threatened to charge Jax as an accessory if he didn't come clean about Jerry. In the meantime, Jerry caused more of his havoc, threatening Skye and Cooper to get what he wanted. He also unsuccessfully executed an attempt in the police lab to switch up DNA samples. The pressure is closing in, and I'm beginning to think the PCPD may actually successfully solve a crime, as unlikely as that may seem.

Armed with his arrest warrant — based solely on the digital recording — Ric, a very busy DA this week, ordered Lucky to pick up Jason. He first refused, saying he couldn't arrest him after he had saved Liz and his baby several times. Ric countered saying it made him the perfect man for the job, because Jason would cooperate with Lucky and come in peacefully. Unaware her husband was about to arrest him, Liz allowed Jason to hold Jake when she ran into him in the coffee shop. Lucky arrived, asked Jason to give the baby back to Liz and began reading him his rights.

Liz looked very upset. Will she be angry enough to come clean with Lucky?

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

  • Tyler Christopher recently signed a three year contract with the show, which means we will be treated to Nikolas for some time to come.
  • Sam's determined to have a biological child with Jason, with the help of a surrogate. His incarceration and her past may get in the way.
  • Lady Jane advises Jerry to leave town, but the way he does it sends Jax to his rescue. (Cue Ingo Rademacher's vacation.)
  • Luke gets a heads-up from hacker Spinelli that Baldwin is being awarded guardianship of Laura; together they scheme to beat him to intervene. (Cue Geary's vacation.)

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