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Sam learns Jason is Liz's baby's father and Carly discovers Mr. Craig's true identity.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Secrets Surface and Spoilers

On Friday's General Hospital:

Learning that Patrick and Robin had successfully cured Nikolas of the toxin, Craig made it crystal clear Emily would be the one to pay should they not cooperate. The fearless foursome is determined to get the "goods" on Jerry.

In the meantime, Jax had Jane arrange a meeting between him and his brother. But while Jax was getting a good look at his brother's face and exchanging punches, Ric dropped by the house to leave a picture of Mr. Craig retrieved from the Metro Court security cameras – just to keep it fresh in Carly's mind what the man looked like. This has got to be the most contrived plot point I've ever seen on a show that uses coincidences regularly. Of course, as soon as Morgan got a look at the man he identified him as "Uncle Jerry."

So now Carly has to deal with the fact that her brother-in-law held her hostage, threatened her life, and beat up Sonny, not to mention blew up her hotel. Hmm… I wonder how long it will take her to get over it (especially since it seems Carly doesn't get over much). Soon we, the viewing audience, will be expected to forget all the bad stuff too and accept that Jerry was "brainwashed" or had a tumor.

Skye visited Sonny and asked him to hold off killing Lorenzo until she could find where he took her baby. He only agreed after she promised to help him once Lila was home safely. Later, Sonny filled in a none-too-happy Jason, who couldn't keep his mind off what was happening at the hospital.

On the way home from NYC, Amelia again encouraged Sam to dump Jason for the good of her career, and Sam again insisted it would not happen. Shortly after landing, she learned from Sonny Liz's baby had been born but that Liz was in poor health. She rushed to the hospital where she overheard Jason and Liz's conversation about the baby and (finally!) learned that her man is the baby's father. Will she go running to Lucky?

On Monday's General Hospital:

Sam took the knowledge that Jason was Elizabeth's baby's daddy straight to the Metro Court restaurant's bar where she began ordering "doubles of whatever." Before too long Amelia showed up and Sam spilled her soul — everything from being shot, to sleeping with Ric, to finding out about Jason and Liz's night together to Jason lying about the baby. Then she had the nerve to call his lies worse than hers. Say what?! Sam, you invented lying.

Later Amelia called Jason and let him know that Sam was too drunk to drive. I wonder if she will also be too drunk to not confront him?

Carly doubled checked with Michael to make sure the man she new as Mr. Craig was in fact the man the kids knew as Jax's brother. Once she was sure, did she call her husband? No, she called Jason. But did she tell him what she knew? No, she told him I have a secret I can't tell you. Surprisingly, she also noticed that Jason was tormented and hiding a secret of his own. I guess to these two real friendship means not telling each other everything.

Cooper, in his Police Academy uniform, came across Jax and Jerry arguing in the park. Imagine his surprise to find two of his former bosses, one of whom could blow his nice comfortable cover in Port Charles. Jerry also seemed quite impressed when he learned one of his accomplices is now a member of the Police Academy.

Jerry went from the park to Lorenzo's estate to hold him at gunpoint and accuse him of hanging him out to dry in the briefcase heist. So it would seem it was Lorenzo who hired him to steal the briefcase with the agreement they would split the profits. I wonder if Skye is going to learn any of this anytime soon?

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

  • With the knowledge that Mr. Craig is actually Jerry Jax, Carly finds herself torn between a sense of loyalty to her new husband and her loyalty and bond to Sonny and Jason. This could be good. Carly has to keep a secret, from Jason of all people. I don't expect this to last long.
  • Lorenzo learns of Skye's dealings with Sonny. This will probably derail any progress she's made in getting baby Lila back. I just hope the rumors of the infant being killed with her father that are floating around aren’t true.
  • According to Soap Zone, the good news about the Soapnet spinoff Nightshift is it will be centered on the hospital. The rather odd news is the stories on the two shows will not connect or intersect in anyway.

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