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Craig dodges a bullet and Tracy still haunted by her guilty conscious.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Bond Style Intrigue and Love Triangles Galore

Big things are on the horizon for Making the Rounds… and they begin with the column going from a weekly to (eventually) daily recaps and news. So check back often.

April 9's and April 10's episodes were a mix of Bond-style intrigue and love triangles lightly tempered with off-beat comic relief.

Michael's plan to force his parents to kiss and make-up (locking them in the basement of Carly's house together) just might have worked had he not opened the door just as the two-some were about to kiss. Instead, they came together as a parental unit and handed down severe punishment on him and his younger brother and accomplice. On one hand, Michael had a point.

If he's manipulative, he's learned from the masters – his parents. On the other hand, how old is this kid anyway? I find myself more and more annoyed by him every time the writers give him lines. They have Michael in the body of a ten-year-old with the manipulative nature of the teen set. How long before they age him and let him date Maxie? Hey, that would be a pretty good pairing!

Mr. Craig (soon to be Bronson) continues to terrorize Nikolas and Robin, but has become more and more fascinated by Alexis. This one has me completely puzzled. There is no way Craig can become a Port Charles resident and never run into Lulu, Elizabeth, Carly, Sonny, Jason, Spinelli, Sam, Max or any of the characters that were held hostage by him at the Metro Court. He dodged a near fatal bullet with Patrick at the hospital, but saved the day with a horrifically phony (Southern?) accent.

Robin intervened and was met with a hostile, "What's happened to you?" Duh, Patrick, examine that. Get a clue! Something is wrong! But wouldn't Robin, with two parents who are WSB agents have a better plan of escape than 'Do what Craig says?' Mind boggling!  On that note, where are either Robert or Anna? Shouldn't at least one of them showed up back in February to give Craig a smack-down for shooting their daughter? I'd personally love to see Anna give him a round-house kick to the face the way she did Robert when she first reappeared last year.

Also filed under 'get a clue' would be Sam's inability to figure out Amelia is gunning for her. What is Amelia's connection to the man from Sam's past? Some are guessing she is his daughter.

Were TPTB trying to give us a preview of things to come when they trapped Sam and Lucky in the Metro Court elevator while Liz and Jason waited in the restaurant? Why is it the woman seem to be speaking a foreign language to the men on this show and they just stare at them dumbfounded. How could Lucky not really wonder what Sam meant when she said, "How can you be so cool about Liz and Jason spending time together after last summer?"

Anyone with half a brain would not accept her "jealousy" cover. Also, what does Liz not understand about Jason saying, 'I can't be a part of this child's life and keep my word and your secret.' Does she mean to torture him by sending him ultra-sound pictures and asking him what she should name the child?

So Jason and Sam, Lucky and Liz, and Skye and Lorenzo were all having dinner at the Metro Court at the same time. It was a perfect opportunity for Jason to figure out Lorenzo is faking his brain damage. Lorenzo also learned Sonny and Jason have moved their operations to The Cellar, Carly's long defunct nightclub in the basement of Kelly's. "A perfect place for an ambush," Lorenzo commented. Remember Sonny also noted that last week when Jason suggested it. Hmmm… wonder if Lorenzo is going to ambush Sonny and Jason.

Comic relief has come in two forms so far this week. The first was Lulu and her suitors. Dillon and Milo storming Jason's apartment, Milo with gun drawn, because Lulu was comforting Spinelli with a hug was the final straw for the girl. She called off all bets, refusing to date any of them for fear she would lose the friendship of all. After the three begged for a second chance at the 'one date each' arrangement, she agreed.

The second was the continual haunting of Tracy by Alan. Much to Luke's dismay, Edward recorded Tracy ranting to 'the chair' about how she would not confess to what the two of them had done – altering Alan's will. Edward used said recording to get a percentage of the stolen ELQ stock from his daughter. True Quartermain treachery at it's finest, and if it keeps Alan's ghost around longer, I'm all for it.

Best recent quote: (By Alexis to Ric) "Your mommy issues trump my daddy issues." Ric had no room to be lecturing Alexis on her neuroses and their causes. I couldn't have been the only one applauding that comeback.

News and Spoilers

  • Bradford Anderson has a Myspace profile where he's sharing news and dispelling rumors about himself and his beloved character Spinelli.
  • Maurice Benard's (Sonny)website reports the bi-polar storyline that played out on GH this winter and was drawn from the actor's personal experiences with the disorder, has been nominated for a Prism Award.
  • According to Soap Zone Mike may end up in the cross-fire when Lorenzo's men ambush Sonny and Jason at The Cellar.

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