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Spun secrets and lies surround Port Charles residents last week.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Lies and Illusions

Very little is what it seems in Port Charles as of late. Lulu and Spinelli are tormented by the secrets they carry, and she is only beginning to become aware of the Maxie and Logan's blackmail plot. Skye is unaware that Lorenzo is faking his amnesia and is sinking deeper and deeper into the world of organized crime. If that weren't enough, Robin and Nikolas are being forced to act as lovers for the amusement and assistance of Mr. Craig.

Though weighed down with two truths of who killed Rick Webber and who is really Elizabeth's baby's father, Lulu still found time to be tortured by her suitors. She was unable to decide if she really wanted to risk the friendship of any of them by pursuing romance, but Milo, Spinelli, and Dillon weren't ready to back down. She tried to find some peace by agreeing to go on one trial-date with each, though she warned in the end she might not want to date any of them. Any scene with Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) is a delight to watch, but these "three suitor" scenes are the pinnacles of comic relief.

Though it must be said the glimpses into the characters emotions, played out with Steve Burton (Jason), rank pretty high for entertainment value. While it seems like a bizarre match-up for confidants, it works because both characters are emotionally challenged and guarded. It's nice to see both find a connection. Jason's advice on woman to his young friend seemed spot on – to paraphrase: women like to talk, and while you may not understand a word of what they are saying, the act of listening will mean so much to them. I wonder if this advice will give him the edge in his pursuit of Lulu.

Though Logan tells Maxie and Cooper his desire to spend time with Lulu is part of the blackmail scheme, I think it's more than evident he has more on his mind. Whether it be the interconnection of their families (even though early spoilers indicated Logan would end up a Drake, I think it's pretty clear Scott is the daddy he's come to Port Charles in search of) or just a fascination with the girl who has a protective wall as high and solid as his own, his interest in Lulu is more than as a pawn.

What neither Logan nor Maxie counted on was Scott going to Lulu and confronting her over the blackmail. In fact they were quite sure he wouldn't given his history with her mother, but Friday's show ended with Scott telling Lulu to call off the blackmail before he's pushed to drastic measures. I'm with Logan and Maxie on this one; I think Scott is saying things he would never follow through with. The idea of him hurting Lulu in anyway — physical or emotional — is just inconceivable to me, though I think Lulu will be able to connect the dots pretty quickly and, at the very least, realize Maxie is involved. Maybe this is the catalyst to get us to the real story behind the Scott and Logan connection?

Maxie actually showed a hint of emotions other than jealousy and revenge this week. When Cooper informed her he was applying for the police academy, we saw the pain of losing Jesse float to her surface coupled with real concern over her new love interest. She knows something is up, but hasn't been able to make the connection to Sonny. Thanks to Max, he learned Cooper was Mr. Craig's Three and is forcing him into service as an informant in the police department.

Ric tried to arrange a similar deal with Cruz Rodriguez (a much underused and under appreciated character played by Adrian Alvarado). The crooked DA wanted to stage a high profile split from the police department for the long-time detective, and then have him attempt to secure a role in Sonny's organization as an informant. Ever wise, Cruz refused commenting that "it's hard to tell the heroes from the bad guys around here anymore." While I'd love to see an increase in screen time for Alvarado, I love that Cruz stood up to Ric.

Ric then tried to arrange a truce of sorts with Sonny, saying their children would be the ones to pay for their continued feud. Sonny wasn't buying it and neither am I. Ric is up to something; Ric is always up to something. What I haven't figured out yet, is exactly what, though I'm guessing it is tied up with Skye's ever growing presence in Lorenzo's business as he continues to fake amnesia from his brain injury.

Skye is overwhelmed and sinking fast, and Lorenzo isn't doing anything at all to help her. It looks as though he's just trying to save his own skin from the failed briefcase exchange as he is still taking orders from whoever is on the other end of the dedicated cell phone. (See news and spoilers below for more information on Ted King [Lorenzo Alcazar].)

Sadistic Mr. Craig continued to torture Robin and Nikolas as he waited impatiently for Nikolas to secure his change in identity to James Brosnan (and the James Bond references just keep coming with this character). Deciding that the twosomes' pushing away of their loved ones would only lead to more questions that, in turn, could lead to his discovery, he insisted they carry on as lovers. Alexis served as witness to their first display.

While Mr. Craig is the type of bad guy you enjoy watching, the extremes to which he is going for his own enjoyment are quickly becoming over-the-top. Enough already! Both Nikolas and Emily and Robin and Patrick have been through enough. Let the viewers enjoy a bit of happiness between the couples. Or, if we're going to watch Patrick suffer, can we at least have him seeking advice from his father?

Noah did have a very brief appearance this week, though he was all about hospital business. Unhappy with the progression of hospital policy, it seems he is considering a bid for the chief-of-staff position left open by Alan's death. He's definitely got my vote.

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

(News and spoilers are drawn from a number of websites, dedicated to keeping the fans who just have to know, in the loop. The list includes Soap Zone, General Hospital Happenings Two, Soap Central, and Scoops and Spoilers.)

  • Ted King (Lorenzo Alcazar) is leaving GH. The actor says in a letter to his fans appearing on his website, "I am leaving the show, simply because it's time." It will be interesting to see exactly how the character is written off, though I suspect it will be something that will allow the character to be reprieved with a different actor in the future.
  • Though Michael will try and sabotage the efforts, it looks like Carly will make up her mind and head back to Jax. I used to really enjoy this pairing. Maybe it's not too late for them if we can see a return to Carly as a strong independent woman and half of the relationship instead of the needy woman TPTB likes to portray. 
  • Logan has a way of always being there just when Lulu needs her, but are his intentions as pure as he'd like her to believe? Again, this pairing could supply a lifetime of fireworks between their fathers.
  • Look for more fun as Alan continues to haunt a very guilt ridden Tracy.

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