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Making The Rounds at General Hospital: Love Ain’t Easy

Carly was still caught up in her love triangle, Liz and Lucky reaffirmed their vows, with a little help from Jason, and Robin questioned the stability of her and Patrick's relationship, all last week on General Hospital

Still torn between Jax and Sonny, Carly continued to drive Jason crazy with her incisive whining. Okay, she was driving me crazy with it. In all honesty, I enjoyed Jax's scenes with brand new trouble maker Amelia and his x-wife Alexis more than anything recent with him and Carly. Even the early week seduction scenes lacked the heat that at one point made them special.

As far as Sonny goes I was too busy enjoying his super bad-ass mafia boss scenes to even care whether he was with any woman. Except for when he started quoting Spiderman movies to Skye ("With power comes responsibility and accountability"), that was pretty lame. He confronted Lorenzo and Skye, handled baby brother and super-annoying Ric and went all Al Pacino like on Cooper aka "three" blackmailing him to become his new police station informant.

My advice to both Sonny and Jax? You're both too good for Carly and your scenes are much better without her. The problem is when she wasn't with either of them, she was with Jason.

Jason continued to keep Liz's secret and implored Spinelli and Lulu to do the same. He encouraged Spinelli to go to the wedding to keep Lulu from telling her brother the truth about the baby's paternity, and reluctantly agreed to go himself when Carly begged him to be her date and keep her from making a scene. Lulu did get a moment alone with Liz and began to go-off on her, but was interrupted by Leslie and Audrey, so all Liz really knows is Lulu is angry at her for something.

When it appeared Lulu was going to interrupt the ceremony, Spinelli leapt to his feet and gave yet another scene stealing performance as he carried on about how bad marriage can be. Certainly this must have scored points with Luke. Tracy had found her husband working his way to the bottom of a bottom of scotch prior to the ceremony and he shared with her all life has taught him about how fragile and temporary love really is.

Watching Luke and Tracy together as well as the scenes earlier in the week with Scott rocking a catatonic Laura confessing his part in Rick Webbers death and declaring his unending love for her really makes me wish Kin Shriner would have returned with Genie Francis for last November's sweeps. Sometimes love is temporary, sometimes the loss of a first love can haunt you forever, and other times still it can grow from a deeper understanding and kinship. Even though Tracy and Luke's marriage started as a sham, the two now have something deeper, something real and there are still so many unanswered emotions involving Laura and Scotty. Well, there's always a future sweeps run.

Patrick tried to convince Robin to move back in with him, even employing Georgie to walk in on them getting romantic, but in the end she let her fear of commitment and her need to push those closest to her away consume her and sent him away. Then went running to talk to Nikolas and discovering his new houseguest. Now Mr. Craig has both of them under his thumb. It was also a unique encounter with Mr. Craig and Alexis. Were those sparks flying between these two? Boy, the former DA sure has a thing for bad boys doesn't she?

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

(News and spoilers are drawn from a number of websites, dedicated to keeping the fans who just have to know, in the loop. The list includes Soap Zone, General Hospital Happenings Two, Soap Central, and Scoops and Spoilers.)

  • Robin tells Patrick they are through and she is moving in with Nkolas. Of course, her strings are being pulled my Mr. Craig just like Nikolas' and surely Patrick will be devastated. We can only hope Daddy Drake is around to help his son through this difficult time, and that the separation is short lived.
  • Lulu turns to Carly for advice. Whatever she does I sincerely hope she doesn't tell Carly Jason is Liz's baby's father. It's likely to make Carly's head explode. Hmm… on the other hand maybe she should.

  • Alexis collapses while at Wyndemere with Kristina. Mr. Craig saves the day?
  • Monica and Dr. Ford battle for the Chief Of Staff position at the hospital, word is Dr. Drake Sr. will be applying for the job as well.


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