Thursday , November 30 2023
Spinelli let Maxie go; Carly considered taking Jax back.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Breaking Up and Reconciling

On today’s General Hospital Liz went into labor, Spinelli let Maxie go, Carly considered taking Jax back, and Sonny continued his flirtation with Claire.

Liz took her boys to Windamere to play with Spencer, and then promptly went into labor. In a few humorous scenes, Nik took Liz and her crew back to the hospital where he and Steve both acted like the stereotypical, over-excited men. Cool for Nik, but sort of odd for Steve. He’s a doctor and the chief of staff. It’d be much more realistic for him to be calm.

Everything seemed pretty light, especially given the fact she was a month out from her due date, until Robin came in and put on her bracelet. (Wouldn’t that have been done right at admitting?) The camera zoomed in on the last two numbers – 66 – Franco’s calling card and the root of all evil, I guess. So now she has a psycho serial killer and a crazy paternal grandparent after this baby?

Maxie showed up at the penthouse asking Jason for relationship advice – even though she admitted it was like asking a brick for help with a math problem. Turns out it wasn’t necessary as Spinelli showed up and informed his Maxinista he was letting her go. For all these two have been through it was a rather anti-climactic moment. Maxie didn’t try to fight for the relationship, proving she had already made her decision. It was very short, a little heartbreaking, and done in front of Jason. (Odd!)

Within minutes of Maxie leaving, Carly showed up wanting relationship advice. I know the show spins around Jason, who’s supposed to be the hitman with a heart of gold. But really? On days like this he comes off more like Dear Abby. Spinelli jumped up with wonderful, touching advice, which sent Carly to the Metro Court to go sailing with Jax and her children.

As I’ve been observing the last couple of days, Skye admitted to Maya she’s falling for Jax all over again. I got a chuckle over her wistful smile as she watched Jax with Joslynn, saying Lila would love to meet the other baby. Skye’s been back in Port Charles for months now and we’ve not heard exactly where her child is.

Claire walked into the holding room at the PCPD to see Sonny and immediately went into her “you can’t do this,” tirade. She came off as a scattered lunatic before Lucky came in and informed the prosecutor he’d called Sonny in for questioning. For the most part, it was the same cat and mouse game between Sonny and the police except for when Sonny asked why they had to be on opposite sides of things. Yay for Lucky making it simple: “You’re the local mob boss and I’m a police officer.” Duh! Sonny!

I can’t tell you how happy I am that they stopped writing Lucky as an idiot.

On tomorrow’s GH, Franco reveals his master plan to all.

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