Monday , March 4 2024
Franco's up to monkey business.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Monkey Play and Sexy Solutions

On today's episode of General Hospital: Franco's reign of monkey madness continued, Sonny entertained a sexual encounter as the solution to all his problems, and Patrick tried to ease the guilt over his affair by reconnecting with Robin.

Franco caught up with Josslyn and Jax in the park. He fawned over the child, much to Jax's distress and made veiled threats. Only when Jax dialed 911 did Franco pick up his monkey and leave. Soon after Dante, Ronnie, Mac and the rest of PCPD swarmed the park, but Franco had slipped away.

Meanwhile, Spinelli followed a hunch of Dante's and searched for roads with "66" as part of the name, cross referencing leases for the last three months. Spin got a hit, the old Lockland mansion on County Road 66 and off Dante and Jason went to try and take down the serial killer.

This Franco storyline continues to entertain. It doesn't hurt that James Franco has cornered the market on creepy. It's been a slow build, and I know we're not nearing the end of this arc yet. So don't count on this encounter to be the last for Franco and Jason.

Patrick's guilt consumed him as Robin tried to ignite a little supply closet loving. I'm sure Lisa's constant game-playing and innuendo didn't help the situation. He was able to keep Robin from becoming suspicious by suggesting an at-work quickie wasn't the most romantic way to come together after her long absence. Taking Patrick's suggestion to heart, she checked out of the hospital and he soon followed. At home he was able to overcome his conscious long enough to make love to his wife.

Lisa, however, was on to what was going on and continued her Fatal Attraction like stalking by calling Patrick for a consult. Steve, who's onto just how whack she is, tried to stall her plans by getting her off the phone and directing her to consult with one of the other neurosurgeons on staff.

I've already made it clear how much I hate this storyline. I've been a scrubs fan from the beginning, and Lisa (in part due to how poorly the character was developed) has no fans whatsoever. I can hold out hope that Robin and Patrick will survive this, but I'm sure they'll have a rocky road to endure first.

After a conversation with Sam, Jason went to talk to Sonny. I honestly expected Jason to berate Sonny for the car bomb that nearly cost Kristina her life. Instead he offered comfort saying he understood why he used a bomb, and that, in theory, it'd been a good plan. He then went on to thank the man for teaching him to be a mobster (Wow! Bromance at its finest!).

When Jason cautioned Sonny on Claire Walsh, saying she was not their friend, Sonny confided he thinks he can compromise her objectivity as a prosecutor if he sleeps with her.

Wow! Really? A little Sonny lovin' will cure the woes of the mobster world? Just when I thought the character couldn't become more self absorbed or more stupid. If this little scam doesn't blow up in his face, then nothing will.

On the Next General Hospital:

  • More clues for Jason to decipher.
  • Sam gets an unexpected visit from Franco.
  • Kristina sees Keifer in a new study partner.

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