Thursday , May 23 2024
Jax and Kate learn the truth about Sonny and Carly.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital : Carly and Sonny’s Secret Revealed

Is this the end of Car/Jax? After months of ups and downs, most fans guessed the end was near. Just moments after learning about Carly and Sonny's sexcapade in the back of his limo from Clarice, Kate spilled her guts to Jax, and both went to their respective homes to confront their partners.

Let the excuses begin… Sonny blamed it on everything from "Carly was in pain" to "it was raining." (Really now, Sonny. It was raining is an excuse?) Carly on the other hand harped on the fact that she and her ex had just put their son in the aftercare facility, where he'd spend the rest of his life. Neither Jax nor Kate felt too sympathetic to their cheating significant others. The more Carly and Jax discussed the events, the more he remembered; like how she had come home that night and jumped in bed with him and how she had chastised him mercilessly for kissing Kate on that same night. Jax threatened to leave while Carly begged him to be the one person in her life who loved her enough to stay. Maybe she should have been strong enough to not sleep with Sonny.

Sonny left his house and was driving in the rain, obviously upset about the fight he'd had with Kate and her threats to call off the wedding. At the show's end, he got in an accident, and the driver of the other car was Claudia. We'll find out tomorrow just how bad she's hurt, but she sure didn't look very good.

Claudia had just left Johnny. Despite keeping her promise on the stand, she begged Johnny to tell the truth, that it was in fact Lulu who killed Logan. Of course, Johnny refused, even though it's now a death penalty case. After screaming at him about throwing his life away, she slapped him and ran out. Surely, Johnny will feel guilty when he learns of her accident.

At the hospital, Patrick and Robin feared she was going into early labor. He supported Robin, promising her he'd by her side, telling her he would back off on his marriage proposals, and apologizing for the undue stress he'd put on her. They also talked about names for their little girl. While I anxiously waited for what I thought would be a serious consideration, he came up with Millicent, or Millie for short. Really, Patrick? Given the rumors that are flying on upcoming storylines (see below) I was really expecting him to suggest Maddy after his mother.

As Mac and Anna also worried about Robin, discussing her HIV status and the risks to the unborn child (where was Noah?) Robin and Patrick learned she was not in early labor, but was experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions. Yes, we have to wait a little longer for the Scrubs baby (I'm hearing its birth will actually kick off November sweeps) and probably even longer than that for a wedding between this fan favorite couple.

Maxie is still standing by Spinelli's side, taking care of him and nosing around way too much in Jason's business. I love her cavalier way and shallow approach, but being oblivious to the danger surrounding Jason isn't smart.

There were more developments in the counterfeit drug case today. Two patients were brought into the clinic who appeared to have been poisoned by their prescriptions. We also found out just how far Jerry is willing to go to stop Matt from learning details about the drug ring. After telling Sasha 'something bad' was going to happen to the clinic, we saw him planting a bomb in the waiting room. Sam walked in as he was letting himself out. Is she going to be smart enough to figure out Jerry is up to no good, or is she going to yet again be one of his victims?

Scoops, Spoilers, and Rumors:

Jax isn't going to forgive and forget this indiscretion so easily – if at all. That doesn't mean Carly won't sink to all kinds of lows to get him back. Some rumors are even suggesting she may find away to get pregnant by Jax via insemination.

Meanwhile, Kate will forgive Sonny and the wedding will go on as planned (big sweeps event here!). But remember the ominous bad luck sign of blood on Kate's wedding dress? Look for the actual event to have similar consequences. You know, it just wouldn't be sweeps unless a lot of people got shot.

Kate's cousin Olivia will also be making an appearance at the wedding. Some sites are suggesting that Olivia and Sonny were once intimate, and possibly had a child together.

While were talking about out-of-wedlock children, have you been wondering why Matt has had such an interest in the Drakes? It seems he's the product of an affair Noah had. It will all come to the surface when Matt is injured in the explosion at the clinic. Noah regrets the choices he made, and Patrick resents the lies and secrets. These two play off each other the best when the animosity is high, so it should be excellent viewing.

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