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A father helps his son help his girlfriend...

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Saving One Another

Sonny had to – yet again – save Lulu from herself and Lorenzo, Jason continued trying to find Spinelli and the evidence to save Sam (with Jax, Michael, and Morgan's help), Sam tried to help Kristina, and Noah offered advice to Patrick as he tried to save Robin from herself and her grief.

After saving Lulu and Jason, Sonny took the teen back to his house and assigned Milo and Max to keep tabs on her until he and Jason could secure her safety. Of course Lulu is a Spencer and she wasn't having any part of being held anywhere – even if it was for her own good. She quickly took advantage of the fact that Milo was smitten with her and used it to her advantage, leaving through the French doors while Milo and Max argued in the hallway. Lulu wasn't on her own for long before Lorenzo tried to take her again. Lucky for Lulu, Sonny was already on her trail. A side of the road stand-off occurred, with at least six mob henchmen all holding guns on each other. Sirens were heard in the distance and Lorenzo eventually stood down. He and his men retreated to their limo and whisked off.

If it sounds like a ridiculous scene, it really was. Two limos, pulled off the road and six grown men, with guns blazing over a teenage girl? And for those keeping score, this is the second time in a year that Lorenzo has tried to kill Lulu. (Remember switching her chart with Skye's during the epidemic so his girlfriend would get the first dose of medicine mined from Luke's blood?)

Back at the house, Sonny called Carly, who immediately dropped what she was doing with Jax to come to his beck and call. With Carly's persuasion, Lulu agreed to go to Tennessee with Jason to try and find Spinelli, but only if Sonny promised to help her prove her mother innocent of Rick Webber's murder when they return.

The twosome continued to bicker and annoy one another until they had to stop because Jason's gunshot wound had (again) reopened. At the hotel, the site of the young desk clerk and the infant daughter she had brought along on her night-shift job threw Lulu for a loop and she lashed out at the woman for being inconsiderate of her child. When alone, Jason chastised the teen, which led to a total breakdown for Lulu.

But it was what followed the breakdown that was must-see viewing. Jason exposed his vulnerability, talking to Lulu about his parental role in Michael's life (that was stripped from him) and losing Sam's baby. He offered advice, saying Lulu shouldn't try to push herself past the pain without experiencing it first. He said that even though things happen in a split second, they take much longer to experience. Sage advice; a bond was formed between the two.

Back in Port Charles, Sam tried to help Kristina out of her shell. When Lainey told her and Alexis that it was not Sam's presence that was upsetting the child as much as the physical changes in Alexis' life due to the chemotherapy, Sam enlisted Jax's help, along with Michael and Morgan, and the four of them donned goofy wigs. Sam offered one to Kristina as well, explaining that her mom's hair would eventually grow back and in the meantime they could all make her feel better by showing her wearing a wig wasn't a bad thing. The attempt was successful, drawing a smile for the child who agreed to put on the wig.

Robin continued to wallow in what Patrick has diagnosed as survivor's guilt, first talking one of Noah's patients out of surgery citing a risk of blindness as a reason. Later when Alexis asked her to advise the judge she was well enough to represent Sam, she refused, painting the woman's outlook as grim and dire. Both Noah and Patrick tried to get through to her, and pull her from her self-destructive depression, but both had little success.

Noah offered Patrick an ear, and then offered astute advice, based on experience. He suggested maybe it wasn't survivor's guilt, but just an intense fear to love again and lose that love. After a conversation with Sonny, Robin went to Jake's to drink away her pain. When Patrick showed up and tried to get her to leave, Coleman stepped in and told the doctor to leave her alone. Words were exchanged and Friday's episode ended with Patrick punching the bartender and a brawl beginning.

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

(Spoilers are drawn from a number of websites, dedicated to keeping the fans who just have to know, in the loop. The list includes Soap Zone, General Hospital Happenings Two, Soap Central, and Scoops and Spoilers.)

Nikolas and Emily may think all is well now that Coleen has resigned and left Wyndemere, but don't be fooled for a second. Psycho nanny isn't about to give up on Spencer. She'll be back to take what she believes is hers. And don't forget she left Helena chained up in the abandoned attic room.

Patrick will injure his hand in the bar brawl, leaving him unable to perform surgery. Robin will move in with him to help care for him.

With Lulu's help, Jason will convince Spinelli to return to Port Charles, forcing Ric to eventually drop the charges against him and Sam.

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