Friday , June 14 2024
There's little hope that Michael will recover or that Liz and Jason will be together. Patrick and Robin renew their love.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Facing the Truth

Jax tried to help Carly face the fact Michael will never come out of his coma, while Sonny dealt with his grief in his own way. Jason realized he and Liz can never have a future, while Robin and Patrick decided they can.

This past week on GH, Jax was all about getting Carly to accept the doctor's diagnosis of Michael's condition. While I understand they were trying to make him the sensible, supportive husband, it just didn't ring true with me. In fact, for the first time ever Jax was getting on my last nerve. It's only been a couple days since Michael was shot and given how close he has been to his step-kids, it just felt off for him to not only give up hope, but not even shed a tear. He's come off as sort of distant and cold, which is just not the Jax I'm used to. Especially on the heels of Carly's miscarriage, I expected more emotion out of him.

Meanwhile, despite Kate and Jason advising him not to, Sonny put the word out he was not going into hiding and would be in public without his guards. He's taunting the person who botched up the hit on him, shooting Michael instead, to take another shot. Of course, catching (and killing) him is his main goal. It's the same old tired story and I'm sure it will boil down to the conclusion he's looking for. The powers that be just won't be able to resist another 'shoot-'em-up' scenario, especially involving Sonny.

Also reeling from Michael's shooting, Jason told Liz they could never be and vowed again to keep his distance from Liz and her boys for their own protection. A very long time ago I was intrigued to see these two make a real go of it. It seemed like a different pairing with a lot of possibilities. It's more than eighteen months later and I just don't care anymore. I can't bear to listen to either one of them drone on about why they can't be together. Move on, Liz. Find someone else, just please don't go back to Lucky. That's even more pathetic than longing for the coffee importer hit man with a heart of gold who can't put anything above his chosen career.

A shining spot of the week was Patrick and Robin chugging along on their road to reconciliation. They attended the reopening of The Haunted Star and after an evening full of pregnancy stereotypes ended in each other's arms. My complaint that we've not seen nor heard from any of the future grandparents of the Scrubs baby is soon to be rectified. Anna Devane will drop in, possibly literally, this week to visit Robin and receive the news. No sign if Finola Hughes' return will bring Rick Springfield back in as Dr. Noah Drake.

In direct defiance to Claudia and Johnny and in the first step of his plan for Trevor's demise, Ric continued to work for Anthony Z's release from the mental hospital. After securing his transfer to Shadybrook, without guards because of his paralysis, he must have been shocked to learn Anthony wasn't paralyzed at all. The crazy man insists he doesn't have the strength to walk on his own yet, but that's only a matter of time. I wonder if Ric will have any remorse at all when Anthony goes on another killing spree?

Spoilers and Rumors

Carly once again is told by Patrick and Robin that Michael's coma is permanent. When she protests, the doctors inform her it may be best. If by some miracle he did wake up, his brain damage would be severe. She looks for hope from other specialists, but all the doctors concur.

Jason and Spinelli are hot on Dr. Devlin's trail, thanks to some inside information supplied by Nicholas.

Anthony puts a hit out on Claudia. Her rescue comes in an unlikely form.

Kate's 'Olivia secret' is about to see the light of day.

Anna Devane returns to Port Charles April 24!

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