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Jason learns the identity of the hit and run driver.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Jason Learns the Truth

On Friday's General Hospital: Jax blames Sonny for Carly's miscarriage and Patrick can't help but reflect on his situation with Robin. Sonny asks for a truce with Johnny and vows to become more involved in the kids' lives. Spinelli gets solid evidence on who hit Sam.

Even though Jax didn't think it was the time or the place to talk about it, Carly could tell he was holding emotions back over the miscarriage. When she pushed him, he admitted that he blamed Sonny and thought they should make a concentrated effort to remove him from the boys' lives, as well as theirs.

I can't blame Jax on this one. Sonny has had a huge effect on their short marriage and not all of it positive. He's the only one who seems to be clearly seeing the negative impact the violence has had on Michael's life and now, with the miscarriage, has lost more than I think he's going to be able to bear.

Having learned about the miscarriage, Patrick was especially moved as he talked to Liz about how he would feel if Robin were to lose their baby. He admitted that even though he hadn't wanted to become a father, now that it had happened, he was already invested in the child and would feel an incredible loss if something happened. He didn't admit the feeling to Ian, however, when the other doctor told him how lucky he was to be missing out on morning sickness, late night cravings, and endless shopping trips to Toys-R-Us.

I'm still hoping for scenes between Patrick and Noah. It seems to me if anyone can help him sort out his 'daddy issues' it would be daddy Drake, but I will settle for Patrick and Robin having another heart to heart and getting back on the right track.

Under Jason's advice, Sonny went to Claudia and Johnny and asked for a truce. Though Claudia didn't want to agree to the terms, Johnny did, and told Sonny they had a deal. After Sonny left, Johnny reiterated his true intentions – he wanted Sonny dead. Claudia told him to keep his hands clean and let her arrange the hit.

How many times can the phrase "mob war" be said in one episode? My goodness, I'm already sick of it. Doesn't matter if the players have changed, it's still the same ol' crap. If I thought for one second it would move us away from these rehashed altercations, I would help Johnny do Sonny in.

Later, we learned that Claudia and Dr. Devlin go way back when he showed up to ask her family to bring in a large shipment of drugs. She agreed to do it even though it was in direct violation of the terms Johnny just agreed to abide by with Sonny. All the while, Sonny was telling Michael about the truce and informing his son they were going to be able to spend more time together. I'm positive Jax is going to have something to say about this. Is Carly going to support her husband or her ex? That's the big question.

After observing Monica around the hospital, Lucky tried to have a heart to heart with her about her obvious addiction to alcohol, telling the woman he understood addiction and truly hoped she would get some help. The doctor denied she had a problem, but did have Alice come pick her up from work. In the meantime, Spinelli delivered hard evidence to Jason that it was, in fact, Monica who hit Sam. At episode's end, Jason went to confront his mother.

I'm glad we're reaching the apex of this storyline, but I'm getting a bad vibe of it being Monica. Is this going to be the first step toward eliminating another Quartermaine?

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