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In the aftermath of the cannery explosion, the truth about Kate's shooting comes to life while Carly loses her baby.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Baby Lost

In the aftermath of the cannery explosion, the truth about Kate’s shooting comes to life while Carly loses her baby. Liz and Sam threaten each other nine ways ’till Sunday before Sam tells Lucky she doesn’t want to press charges against Liz for the hit and run.

Furious that Carly and Sonny want to brush the shooting incident under the carpet, Jax confronts Sonny and challenges him to do what’s best for Michael – get the hell out of his life. While the two are arguing over the implications of Sonny’s career on the boys, Jax got the call that something was terribly wrong at the hospital and headed back to General.

Jax’s confrontation must have hit a nerve with Sonny because he went to Kate and eventually spilled the whole truth about her shooting. When she suggested that Michael should, at the very least, get counseling for the incident, Sonny said what happened to Michael was between him and Carly and that she and Jax needed to back off. Funny. Kate was the one who was shot. I think she should have at least a little say in the consequences for Michael.

When Jax arrived back at Carly’s room, he found Jason at her bedside. It would seem his hands had recovered fully – a fact he later confirmed to Sonny. He left Jax to be with his wife and though they tried to remain positive, Dr. Lee later confirmed that she had miscarried the pregnancy.

Even though I’ve seen this coming for weeks it was still horrible. I hate that Jax is, yet again, being robbed of the baby he so desperately wants. What’s worse is it happened at the hands of mob violence. What’s even more disheartening is I see this as a tell-tale sign of the beginning of the end for Carly and Jax, which means Carly will be back hanging all over Sonny and Jason. Same old stories.

Diane and Alexis had a meeting to discuss Sonny and Jason being questioned in the cannery explosion. What was most enjoyable about it was the back and forth between the case at hand and their friendship, talking cloths, shoes, jewelry, and an upcoming shopping trip. I applaud every effort made to build friendships and connections between the characters and to have such a fun one between two strong, smart women is certainly something to cheer about.

Lulu confronted Johnny about what she saw in the hospital. When Johnny made it clear his new goal in life was to see Sonny dead, she ran from him, straight back to Logan. While I prefer the story possibilities of Lulu and Logan, I’m not naive enough to believe this is the end of her attraction to Johnny. Also, I’m a bit disappointed that it was an either/or thing. So she admitted that Johnny isn’t who she thought he was. Does that automatically mean Logan is good for her? Couldn’t she have taken some time to reflect and maybe consider that it’s possible both these guys are losers?

Sam and Liz spent the better part of the show trading insults and accusing the other of committing worse crimes against humanity while I sat there wishing they had both been blown to bits in the cannery explosion. Sam is in no position to throw stones given her past, however, Liz was acting like a complete and total witch by not even apologizing for running Sam down (Which I honestly don’t think she did.) Though I don’t think it absolves Sam of her wrongdoing, she has at least shown remorse. Later, when she found Liz about to tell Lucky about their argument, Sam interrupted to tell Lucky she’s decided not to press any charges for Jake’s sake. It looks like she’s all about manipulating herself back into Lucky’s arms to me.

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Sonny realizes he’s messed up big time and tries to call a truce with the Z’s. Jason tries to get Liz to put off confessing in Sam’s hit and run.

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