Saturday , December 9 2023
To Carly heaven is a beer and a game of pool.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Carly Goes to Heaven

Isn't it just like GH to have a great concept (when Luke had to face his mortality) and then reuse it repetitively until it bores us to tears?

In the aftermath of the cannery explosion, a pregnant Carly was the only one still missing by the end of Monday's show, except she wasn't missing from our screens. Interwoven between the scenes of the fire and others being rescued were scenes of Carly, perfectly fine, drinking a beer and playing pool with Jason at Jake's. So this is her idea of heaven? Her kids aren't there. Sonny and Jax are absent, but Jason is there.

Just last week Nikolas had to deal with the choice between life and death and now we're going to have to watch Carly wrestle with it too. At episode's end, we got a look at where she is actually trapped in the cannery. It must be on the east side, which Ric said is close to the ocean, because her head is the only thing that appears to be above water. Though I imagine Carly will pull through, I'm pretty sure one of my biggest fears is coming true and her unborn child will not.

Speaking of Ric and the east side of the building, I'm still not sure why he had to drag Randy that far to hide his body. He dragged him through pockets of fire and several piles of debris that could have been used for the task. Though he's trying to do something good, protect Marianna, it's surely going to come back to haunt him. I'm guessing it will be Ric who ends up accused of killing Randy.

I know Sonny was glad to see Michael and in the light of the explosion and his disappearance was just happy he was safe, but I still wanted to throttle him for the calm, sensitive way he handled the child's confession of shooting Kate. "I know you didn't mean it" etc. Why didn't he just say, "You're growing up just like me. I'm so proud, son." I'm hoping when the smoke dies down and Carly is out of danger, they revisit Michael facing the consequences for his actions as responsible parents. I guess that means Jax will have to take the lead.

Some other random notes about the search for bodies: Trevor was awfully concerned about Johnny, for someone who just last week left him to rot where Sonny was holding him. Is there a chance Johnny is not a Zacchara, but maybe a Lansing? How ironic that Sonny would unbury who he thinks is Carly, only to have it be Claudia. That was some welcome back hug Lulu had for Johnny, especially given she had just come from a bedside vigil in Logan's hospital room. It would seem her heart is still as torn as ever.

Speaking of the hospital, we were treated to Robin's mood swings and nausea thanks to her first trimester of pregnancy. In the beginning of the episode, she continued to hold Patrick at arm's length in a rather hostile way. But after treating Michael, and reflecting on the past with him, she tracked Patrick down to apologize, telling him she was the biggest hypocrite in the world. Yeah, that's about right, Robin. So, now that Robin is willing to let him in, is that where Patrick's going to want to be?


Sonny offends Claudia by turning her down again. I guess not even a building falling in on this woman can tame her libido. Sonny panics over Carly's condition. What about Jax?

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