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Characters are faced with hard choices all in the name of love.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Love’s Choices

Will Nikolas die for love? Can Patrick and Robin find it again for the sake of their child? Is Lulu’s heart true to Logan or Johnny? All are questions waiting to be answered on General Hospital.

While Patrick and his neuro-team worked to save Nikolas, he was teetering between life and afterlife. Emily tried to say goodbye, but he refused to let go of the love they shared and insisted he would rather die to be with her than live for his son.

Speaking of Spencer, didn’t Nikolas tell Liz last month they were getting ready to celebrate his first birthday? So who was that toddler Bobby walked in with? Yes, Spence got a super-aging. Cute kid, and good casting — there is a familial resemblance between the two.

After returning from his walk on the other side, Nikolas was still combative and refusing to go under the anesthetic. Robin got caught up in it and got knocked across the room. It was good to see Patrick go immediately to her aid. That’s got to tell her where his heart is, even if Patrick doesn’t know for sure yet. My fingers are crossed that the baby wasn’t hurt but the near miss will help put my scrubs back on the right track.

Marianna got a job at Kelly’s all on her own and when Liz came in to pick up lunch, the two seemed to connect and form the beginnings of a friendship. Of course, Ric wasn’t very comfortable seeing his old love and his new love laughing and talking like old friends. He probably shouldn’t be, given all he’s done, but I do believe in second chances and I hope that Ric is on the road to putting his life in order. I am also glad to see the powers that be trying to build more friendships on this show. It’s good story to get the characters involved in each other’s lives, which is something the show has been lacking for quite some time.

Scott wouldn’t let go of the idea that Lulu hit Logan with the wrench as some sort of twisted payback for what he did to Laura. It’s not a real big jump for Scott to believe that, it’s right up his alley, but it’s not even conceivable to Lulu. No, Lulu did what she did because she’s impulsive like her father — act first, think later. Lucky overheard the two of them fighting and asked Lulu to explain exactly what Scott had done to their mother, but still fearing Luke’s reaction to the truth, Lulu covered well.

Trevor poked around and found out where Sonny is hiding Johnny, but did nothing to rescue him. Maybe Johnny was right not to waste his one phone call on the lawyer and instead use the time to talk to Lulu. Sonny, meanwhile, went to the hospital and all but ordered Jason to get out of his hospital bed and find Michael. The only problem was he didn’t even want to hear Jason’s theories why he believes the Zs don’t have him. Liz interrupted the pair long enough to chastise Sonny about pushing Jason too far, which only served to irritate Sonny further. The guy was already crazy-on-the-edge. He most certainly didn’t need that.

Things are deteriorating fast between Sonny and Jason, and if he doesn’t regain full use of his hands, I have to wonder if we’re not going to see this friendship cool off again (like when Sonny was dating Emily). It does seem that future business dealings will be off the table unless someone is able to perform a miracle on Jason’s ability to pull the trigger.

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