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Robin admits Patrick is the father of her unborn child.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Patrick and Robin Face the Truth

A tragedy strikes in the hospital, forcing Patrick and Robin to deal with her unborn child, while Jason tries to unravel the TMK case.

With Diego knocked out, Elizabeth tried to escape the car as it hung in balance on the bridge. She was almost to safety when Diego regained consciousness and the two began to struggle, every movement tipping the car further. Lucky happened along the accident scene in his cruiser, but as he approached the car, he was shot by Diego while Elizabeth was helpless to do anything.

Jason was searching Sam’s apartment when he found her cell phone and noticed an indicator light flashing. Pushing the button, he heard the last moments of the fight between Diego and Sam where he said he was going to put her with his father. Quickly asserting he meant where he dumped Alcazar’s body, he took off, only slightly side-stepped by Nikolas showing up at the apartment wanting to help. Jason put him off, telling Nikolas his blackouts were too unpredictable and to stay at the apartment in case Sam showed up there.

Even though this is meant to be the climax of this mystery, I just don’t care anymore. Diego as the TMK doesn’t work for me and with Jason off to save the day and most likely put another end to Diego, I’m bored. The only interesting thing I see right now was Liz’s reaction to Lucky being shot. Wouldn’t it be a twist if this tragic event puts these two couples back in their original configuration? Liz remembers how much she loves Lucky; Jason learns how much he misses Sam and the four of them come to some sort of shared custody arrangement. It won’t happen because a) happy is boring and b) Sam’s done too much manipulation to ever be trusted with any sort of contact with the kids, but it would different.

Lulu went to the Zacharra compound to find Johnny and was introduced to Claudia. After an interesting conversation between the two of them, Lulu helped Claudia learn for sure that Sonny had Johnny held up somewhere. Acting in revenge, she later visited Kate and told the woman she and Sonny had slept together when he was trying to get over her.

Claudia is just too all over the place for me to get into this character. She began as a carbon copy of Sarah Brown’s portrayal of Carly and then morphed into a damaged, psychotic, loose cannon. It’s nowhere near as interesting as a strong, powerful woman bent on revenge would have been and I’m hoping this disconnect will be worked out as we transition from scripts written by Garin Wolf back to scripts overseen by Guza.

Try as they might, Dr. Lee, Patrick, Robin, and Ian were unsuccessful in saving Joe’s wife, but the child was born fine. While Robin tried to help Joe with his grief, Patrick was insistent on getting a straight answer from Robin over her pregnancy and at the end of the show asked point blank if he was her baby’s father. Thankfully, she answered truthfully. Now with that out of the way we can get on with these two sorting through their feelings for each other, and Patrick coming to terms with his Daddy issues. With any luck at all, his father will make an appearance to help him work it out.

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