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Has Patrick changed his tune?

Making The Rounds at General Hospital – Accepting Fatherhood

It was a Daddy-themed show on Tuesday as Scott learned the truth about Logan, Sonny fretted about Michael's whereabouts, and Patrick tried to get Robin to admit the truth about her baby's paternity.

After more than a week of not seeing Epiphany, we learned she was still in the hospital recovering from her heart attack. Dr. Julian gave her the news she would be released the next day and she went on to have conversations with Cassius and Liz about how she felt guilt-ridden for not knowing the symptoms of a heart attack and like a failure when it came to raising Stan.

The storyline is a nod to the Campbell's Soup "Go Red" campaign to raise awareness about women and heart disease, but unfortunately it's gotten the same treatment many hospital stories get as of late. It's only been a brief aside to the many violent and mob-related stories on the canvas. This is unfortunate because so much good could be done with it. Not to mention that Sonya Eddy is an incredible talent and Epiphany is one of the rare strong women on the show. I'm also very anxious to find out what the connection between her and Cassius is and hope we get to that storyline soon.

Unwilling to listen to Jason's patient analysis of the situation, Sonny was on a manic rage and had Johnny kidnapped because he believed it would get Michael back. Claudia showed up at the hospital intent on delivering a little payback of her own, however. She slipped into Kate's room while he was otherwise distracted and when she left Kate had taken a turn for the worse. We later learned from Dr. Julian her lung collapsed.

Amidst all the drama, Claudia was still being her rather slutty self, coming on to Jason and adding to my disappointment in the way they are using Sarah Brown. Wouldn't it have been more interesting to have a woman crime boss who was ruthless, but not because she was messed up by something her daddy did to her? Can't she just be intelligent and power hungry?

While Scott waited for Logan to come out of his coma, Detective Harper showed up with evidence that he was not the text-message killer. The only real detective on the PCPD, he was able to verify Logan's alibi that he was in a bar fight the night Sam was attacked. Scott took his anger out on Spinelli, blaming his and Maxie's unprofessional detective work for landing Logan in the hospital bed. Did he forget it was Lulu who went upside his head with a wrench? Lucky encouraged Spinelli to come down to headquarters and share everything he had been able to dig up about TMK. He agreed.

While all of this was going on, the real TMK – Diego Alcazar – continued to spew his madness on his hostage Sam and eventually transported her to a warehouse, where he had all these mechanical bomb-like pieces lying around.

Speaking of bombs, remember Joe-the-human-bomb from a couple months ago? Robin informed Patrick his wife was about to deliver their baby but because of the lack of insurance and the fact Joe was still in jail awaiting trail for trying to blow up the hospital, she was going to give birth at the dreaded County hospital. Still trying to break through Robin's defenses and get her to admit to him he's her baby's father, Patrick posted bond, got Joe a job with health insurance (like that is really possible in today's world), and had them brought to General so she could deliver. When she tried to thank him for his kindness, his only response was, "Every father should be there for the birth of their child." The remark sent Robin running from the room, but left the question: has Patrick really changed his tune?

Coming Up…

While Diego continues to torture Sam, Nikolas relives the night of Emily's murder to try and remember who the killer was. Claudia warns Jason Sonny will regret it if he hurts Johnny.

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