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Marrianna and Claudia are victims. Lulu doubts Logan is the TMK.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Abused and Confused

So we saw a new theme pop up in yesterday's episode of General Hospital. Both Marianna and Claudia are abused women.

Marianna was illegally brought into this country by her jerk of an ex-boyfriend who's been knocking her around ever since. Claudia, it would seem from her memory flashes, was molested by her psycho-pop. The realization sort of gives Anthony's ranting of "Get this whore out of my room," a whole new color, but really wasn't a huge surprise given the way she's been acting so slutty with Sonny and Jason. Something else I found interesting, and Claudia seemed to take note of too, was the shot the nurse ran in and gave the crazy man when he was screaming for his dead wife. Is Trevor orchestrating a drug regimen to keep Anthony "paralyzed?" Is that why he can occasionally move his foot? Is that when the drug begins to wear off?

At the hospital, Lulu was upset over hitting Logan with the wrench and still seemed to doubt he was the text-message killer, even though Maxie and Johnny continued to retell the evidence stacked against him. Meanwhile Mac questioned Spinelli on what the dynamic duo had discovered and then asked Spinelli to keep a close eye on Maxie.

Of course, the PCPD has it wrong and Lulu and her gut-instinct are on the right track. If you haven't seen the 411 preview of the killer unmasked that is floating around the net and just have to know who the TMK is, check out the spoiler below.

Luke checked himself into General to try and get some dirt on Monica. Though Tracy was upset by his tactics, intoxicating young, pretty janitorial staff with bourbon-laced chocolates; she was quite pleased with the results: the clothes Monica was wearing the night of the hit-and-run as well as her flask. It's not enough to convince me she ran down Sam, but it might be enough to get Tracy and Luke back into the Quartermaine mansion.

While waiting for Kate to come out of surgery, Sonny went through the complete gamut of emotions. From pulling a gun on Trevor, threatening to knock Johnny into next week, yelling at Jax to stay out of it, to breaking completely down in tears, the man is obviously so in love with Kate and distraught that his life of crime has caused another innocent to pay.

I do have one question. How long is it going to take for someone to realize Michael ran away from home?

Coming up (Spoiler):

And the text-message killer is…

Does anyone really care anymore? I've seen bits and pieces of this information floating around for awhile, but since we've been tossed so many fake spoilers regarding it, I was waiting patiently, hoping it was wrong. Now that the preview clip is floating around the net, I guess it's time to accept it's true.

Diego Alcazar is the text-message killer. Yeah, I know. Sam shot him. He was dead. Lorenzo went and buried him in the family vault. It's a soap, remember?

The only true clue has been Kristina's scream and now catatonic state. Diego was in love with Georgie. Diego didn't even know Emily. Why in the world would Diego kill Cooper? Let me guess, it was all about Sonny after all. Guess what, writers, no world should revolve so much around one man, even if the actor that portrays him is as talented as Maurice Benard.

Let me guess, somehow some way it will be superman Jason who saves the day and unravels the case?

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