Tuesday , April 23 2024
Murder and mystery are the orders of the day instead of romance.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – No Time For Love

Thursday was Valentine's Day, but with a current plotline full of a text-message killer, an unsolved hit-and-run, teenagers with guns, and a brewing mob war, there was little time for love and romance.

I know I'm repeating myself here but I would like to ask those who write this show to take a look at your viewing demographic. First make note of the low ratings and then be reminded your viewing audience is mostly female. I'm not trying to say women aren't interested in the mystery of the stalker story or the hit-and-run, but a little romance here and there wouldn't be a bad thing. Take some focus away from the violence and turn it toward the interpersonal relationships, and by that I do not mean Sonny's latest conquest between the sheets when he's taking a break from ordering Johnny dead "importing coffee."

We did get just a glimpse of love. Patrick offered Robin a bouquet of yellow roses saying, "friends and former boyfriends can give Valentine's Day presents." He also told her if she needed anything at all as her pregnancy progressed to let him know. After hearing her tell Mac the donor wasn't anonymous, he's softened even more to her, but he's yet to ask her the question you know he's thinking. Now, that Carly's fully aware Robin's pregnant if the truth falls into her hands she will run — not walk — to Patrick and spill it as a form of karmic payback. Robin, save yourself some heartache and just tell him now. Please! Do not take us down another hidden paternity road. We all had more than we can stomach with Jason, Liz, and Lucky's situation last year. 

Maxie opened her Valentine's present from the now dead Cooper to find a gold heart on a necklace and a card saying she'll always have his heart to fall back on. As she poured herself to Mac in a very touching scene, I was moved by home much pain the young woman's actually been through. Maybe it does explain why she can be such a witch. When Spinelli wasn't being Robin to Jason's Superman, we were treated to more black-and-white daydreams in the vein of the old gumshoe movies. The idea of Spin falling for Maxie is humorous and a pairing I was originally against, but I have to say there's chemistry there. It could be fun!

While Jason was breaking into the police's holding lot to investigate the damage to Nikolas's car, the prince was telling his cousin he feared he might have run her down during one of his episodes. Uncharacteristically compassionate, Sam said if that were the case she would never be able to blame him and then encouraged him to have the surgery so he would be around for his family — including his son Spencer. Too bad he didn't wait a little bit, Jason came back to the hospital and told Liz he had evidence that it wasn't Nikolas.

Strike one name off the suspect list. We're left with Liz, Monica, and Carly. Carly insists she's innocent, but her word doesn't mean a whole lot to me. If I were a betting woman, though, my money would be on Monica. Especially now that Luke and Tracy have decided they are going to get evidence against her to blackmail their way into the mansion, or they were until Tracy remembered she didn't like Luke anymore and was going to divorce him as soon as she was able to get her assets unfrozen.

Good thing for Luke his family owns Kelly's and he was able to give himself a job and the vacant room up above it. It'll be fun to see Tracy and Luke working together, the chemistry between them is always entertaining and if we get lucky, Tracy will fall in love with him all over again.

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